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Global Citizen Year Academy Application (Spring 2022 Semester)

First deadline to apply: October 29, 2021

Open to students worldwide age 17-21

Personal Information

if different from the name entered above
Use your primary email address (e.g. not an email associated with your high school).
Enter your birthday in this format (MM/DD/YY). You must be 17-21 by the start of the program.
(i.e., he/him/his, they/them/theirs)
Global Citizen Year Academy programming is taught in English. Therefore, participants will need a certain level of English proficiency to comfortably and effectively engage with the program.


From where will you be attending your Global Citizen Year Academy classes?

Your Mailing Address

Parent/Guardian Information

If you are accepted, Global Citizen Year will share the good news with your parent or guardian and ask them to sign your enrollment agreement. By sharing their email, you consent to us contacting them if you are accepted. At least one parent/guardian's information is required.

Parent/Guardian #2 (optional)

Financial Aid

Tuition for Global Citizen Year Academy is $5,000 USD. We are proud to award need-based scholarships to qualified applicants of all backgrounds who would not otherwise be able to afford the Academy. We also know that people from the global south and people who identify as BIPOC are underrepresented in positions of leadership and disproportionately impacted by income inequality. Therefore, our scholarships target individuals without the means to afford the Academy, with a need- and demographically-aware philosophy to ensure that we are giving access to traditionally underserved groups.


Each semester, we carefully review all incoming scholarship applications, and regularly have more outstanding candidates than scholarships available. 


If you cannot afford the tuition, please indicate below that you would like to apply for a scholarship. If accepted, you'll receive instructions to complete the financial aid application (more info here). We do not factor financial need into our admissions decision.


Students requesting a need-based scholarship to participate in the Academy must complete the financial aid application . Instructions will be emailed to accepted students and can also be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Share Your Story

This is your chance to show us who you are - literally! In a 2-3 minute video, introduce yourself and tell us why you want to join Global Citizen Year Academy. You can speak directly to the camera or get as creative as you want. After we watch this video, we want to feel like we know you! 


Please answer the questions: What are your goals for the Academy learning experience? What would you uniquely bring to the cohort? Discuss how you plan to engage with the program as a learner, as well as how you plan to apply the program learnings to your greater life.

You can either record your video directly below or upload a video you have already created (recommended for applicants who may have issues with internet speed)

Here are some tips on making a great application video.

**If you are having technical issues with the video recorder you can create your video elsewhere and upload it below. Email admissions@globalcitizenyear.org if you have any questions - we can help you!**

Psst… to start recording a video, click the “Record” button in the bottom right corner of the video screen
Please read these final statements before you submit your application.

The Academy is designed to be compatible with school/college/work and you’ll be able to select which course section best fits with your time zone and schedule. Students should prepare to devote 7-10 hours per week to the Academy and all students are required to fully attend 80% of live classes. 
The Academy is a virtual program that requires a stable internet connection and a computer that is compatible with the Minerva Forum™ platform. Please confirm that you have reviewed and agree to the Academy technology requirements