Application for GIIN Membership

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) Member!

Through membership, your organization will be part of a diverse global community through which you will be able to create new relationships and access industry information, tools, and resources. 
More information can be found on our website here.

Baseline membership dues for organizations billed in a developed market are USD 6,000 per year. Organizations with non-profit status are discounted to USD 4,000. Endowed non-profit organizations (e.g., private/corporate foundations, university endowments, etc.) are asked to pay USD 6,000. Baseline dues for organizations billed in an emerging market are further discounted to USD 3,000 per year. Non-profit organizations are further discounted to USD 2,000. Additional discounts are available to members of select relevant industry organizations after verification. Dues for organizations with an AUM above USD 10 billion or revenue above USD 1 billion are USD 12,000 per year. 

Applying to join the membership community is a simple process and should require approximately ten minutes of your time. A member of the GIIN team will review your application, and upon approval, send additional onboarding information as well as the membership invoice.

All applications are subject to review. The GIIN reserves the right to decline membership applications in order to best serve its mission and/or maintain a strong peer learning community.

We appreciate your interest in becoming part of our membership community!

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Additional Questions for Investors Only
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Primary Contact Information
The primary contact will be the key point of contact for other network members and invited to meetings, workshops, and events.

Billing Contact Information
The billing contact will receive the membership dues invoice with a copy to the primary contact. 

GIIN Membership Statement of Commitment
As part of your membership application, your organization agrees to the following statement of commitment:

As a member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), my organization or business unit supports the development of the impact investing industry because we believe in its potential to address social and environmental challenges. We believe that for-profit investments can complement philanthropy and government aid to achieve positive social and environmental impact. Our membership signals that we are committed to contributing to the membership community, learning more about the tools and resources defining the impact investing industry, and to using this information to deepen our own practice and engagement with, or understanding of, the industry. As a member of the GIIN, my organization or business unit commits to:
  • Learn more about the impact investing industry
  • Increase my organization's familiarity with the role it can play in building the industry, using the Roadmap for the Future of Impact Investing as guidance
  • Strive for a clear understanding of the tools such as IRIS+ designed to help measure and manage the social and environmental performance of impact investments, and increase our understanding of the social and environmental impact of the investments made, received, or enabled by my organization
  • Respect that the objective of my organization’s membership is to contribute to industry building and collaboration – not to promote the services of any particular organization or product
  • Strive to align with, and implement, the Core Characteristics of Impact Investing
  • Support the operations of the GIIN through the annual membership contribution
Benefits that my organization or business unit will receive through our GIIN membership include:
  • Participation in a global, diverse, and formal community of impact investors and stakeholders
  • Regional and global networking gatherings, panels, and conferences
  • Virtual and in-person convenings and discussions featuring new research, practices, or industry tools
  • Orientations and tutorials to industry resources, including but not limited to IRIS+
  • Recognition as a member on the GIIN’s website and in other marketing materials
My organization understands that membership in the GIIN does not constitute any form of association, joint venture or partnership between my organization and the GIIN, nor does it suggest any approval or endorsement by the GIIN of my organization or its business practices or investing activities, but rather is indicative of my organization’s commitment to learning about the impact investing industry’s development. Furthermore, my organization understands that membership in the GIIN does not provide my organization with any voting or other interests or rights in respect of the Global Impact Investing Network, Inc.

The GIIN, as a controller, processes your personal information submitted through this application form in order to process your application. Please note that you have the right to access your personal information and to request that your personal information be rectified or deleted. You are also entitled to request restriction of the processing of your personal information. In addition, you have the right to ask for receiving, in a structured and standard format, your personal information which we process by automated means. In case of any such request, please send an email to You will find further information in our privacy policy available at