Parental Release for High School Participants 

Virtual Gathering 2020: Sink Down to the Seed Sown in the Heart

High School Participation

High schoolers will be required to virtually sign High School Program Guidelines and Expectations prior to online Orientation on Sunday 6/28. You may read the guidelines online here.
Parent/Guardian Information for ALL High School Participants
This section must be completed by parents/guardians for all participants. 

Alternate Emergency Contact

About Your Teen
Staff and parents/guardians share responsibility to optimize each participant's opportunity to succeed in the program. In order to create a supportive environment for all participants, it is essential that we know of any youth needs in advance. We are grateful for your support in this matter.
Does your teen have any:

I give permission for my child named on this form to participate in this year's Virtual Gathering of Friends and to participate in all planned online program activities. I understand that my child will be expected to abide by all rules and guidelines. I hereby release Friends General Conference (FGC), its staff and volunteers, from liability for any injury or illness that my child may experience during the Virtual Gathering. I hereby release Friends General Conference from any liability, legal or financial, for emergency care provided to my child. I expect to be informed as soon as possible.