2020 Living School Application: Registration

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Thank you for your interest in the Living School for Action and Contemplation. We sincerely appreciate the commitment you have already made to discern the next steps in your life’s journey.

The Living School application is intended to lead you through a process of self-exploration to help determine your expectations and needs, and to clarify the requirements of participation in the Living School program. The entire application process takes place online and may take several days or even some weeks to complete.

The application includes the following components: 

  • General and background information
  • and assessments of your current situation, 
  • spiritual journey and 
  • understanding of the program

Portions of the application require short essay responses of 125-250 words or less. A personal narrative of 500 words or less is also requested.

You will be asked to identify two individuals who can provide recommendations in regard to your readiness for the program. Each recommender will be invited via email to complete an online recommendation form for you. Please note that only online recommendations will be accepted. Since recommendations count for 20% of your application score, one or more missing recommendations will adversely affect your chances of being accepted to the Living School.

You will also be asked to provide the name of a Program Witness (accountability agent); someone who, pending your admission to the Living School, is willing and able to be an active witness to your work and studies during the program.

Many who have completed the application process have found it to be a helpful tool in discerning the next steps in their life’s journey, regardless of whether they were ultimately accepted into the Living School. An applicant shared: “Another thing that helped … was the Living School’s application questions. Many of those questions challenged me to reflect deeply upon key life experiences and led me to an understanding of how those experiences helped form my spiritual character and inclinations.”

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Carefully read through the Living School Discernment Steps and ideal candidate criteria. Doing so will help you discern whether applying to the Living School is the next step for you. 

Review the Living School Tuition and Fees.

You may also find it helpful to view the Application Process videos. The videos give an overview of the application process as well as important information needed to successfully complete the application.


The application is entirely online and is intended to lead you through a process of self-exploration. The downloadable items listed below are included with the application to assist you with your discernment process and completion of the application. All items are authored or taught by Fr. Richard Rohr.

  • The Foundational Lineage and Themes of the Living School (MP3 - audio recording; not available elsewhere) 
  • Unitive Consciousness: Beyond Gender (PDF - set of short essays) 
  • Beginner’s Mind (MP3 - audio recording) 
  • Exploring and Experiencing The Naked Now (MP3 - audio recording)
  • Returning to Essentials: Teaching an Alternative Orthodoxy (MP3 - audio recording)
Total value: $65.00

This email address must be unique, not shared with anyone else.

Numbers only; no punctuation

Numbers only; no punctuation
Please note: All of the information we gather is used to ensure that the Living School is as inclusive and diverse as possible, enriching the program experience for all participants. No information will be shared with outside agencies.

Sample format: 04/30/1995
Year of birth must be 2002 or earlier

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Your card will be charged a $50.00 non-refundable fee.


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