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Since the outbreak of this pandemic, Pulse has strived to support you, whether it be through our resources page, our ‘Clinical Crises’ series, our exclusive news, or taking the health secretary to task at the No 10 briefing.


However, good journalism cannot be done on the cheap. And, like the whole publishing industry, we have been affected by the economic slowdown caused by the virus. We strongly believe that the content we produce should remain free as we feel it is essential for you.


Because of all this, we are setting up a voluntary donation scheme. There is no compulsion whatsoever to donate, but if you feel we are helping you, and you would like to support us, anything you can spare would be greatly appreciated.


We know what we are doing is minor compared with the sacrifices being made by you and your staff, but we want to continue to help you. 

Jaimie Kaffash

We've currently stopped taking donations for now.



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