Application for COVID-19 Rebuild Grant

Thank you for your interest in our COVID-19 Respond and Rebuild Grants, and for all you've been doing to help impacted pets and their people this year. Due to overwhelming demand for this grant program, we are out of available funding at this time and will no longer be accepting new applications past Friday, September 11. 

If you already started an application before Friday, September 11, saved progress, and need assistance in logging back in to resume work on your application, please contact If you started your application before Friday, September 11, we will still review your application if you complete and submit before Friday, September 18.

We wish you the very best for the remainder of this year, and hope you will consider our Veterinary Assistance Grant and Medical Equipment Grant opportunities availalbe again in January. As always, our Disaster Relief Grants remain open to assist in non-COVID-19 disaster situations.