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Enroll for the Springboard Collaborative Learning Accelerator:
In a Springboard Learning Accelerator, you will be working with your child and their teacher to improve your child's reading. If you're here, that means you have received information from your child's school or teacher about our partnership with your school. Do you want to enroll?

En un Acelerador de Aprendizaje con Springboard, usted trabajará con su hijo y su maestro para mejorar la lectura de su hijo. Si está aquí, eso significa que ha recibido información de la escuela o del maestro de su hijo sobre nuestra asociación con su escuela. ¿Quieren inscribirse?

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Child Information
*We only use this info to uniquely identify your child in our database
This helps us match your child to the correct teacher.

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Parent / Guardian Information

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Agreement to have Springboard Use Your Child's Image, Audio and First Name
Sometimes we request photos of teachers and students in action to show our program at work! In a virtual world, photos might include a screenshot of a zoom class or of a celebration at the end of the program. In person photos might include students reading independently, with their parents or with their teachers. These photos are usually used for data reporting, future funders and/or for promotional materials about Springboard. The only identifying information would be the child's first name but nothing else (i.e. not their last name, address, etc.).
Agreement for Springboard to Text You
Agreement for Data Use
Similar to the media release, school partners and funders typically ask for reports from previous partnerships to see how it went. The data we share is never identifying individual students; rather it includes demographic information about them, such as grade, ethnicity, gender and assessment data/reading level if available. This information would never identify a child like "John Brown at School ABC has an IEP and is reading on a level G." Rather, it could sound like "John, a 3rd grade boy, grew from a Level G to a Level P in F&P after completing Springboard this spring." It could be even more broad like "x% of Hispanic students attended Springboard programming at School ABC."
Parent Agreement

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Información básica del estudiante
Esto nos ayuda a relacionar a su hijo con el maestro correcto.

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Información de padre/tutor

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Lanzamiento de prensa
Comunicación de Springboard
Lanzamiento de datos
Permiso del padre

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Please Review & Sign Below

  • I have a device with internet that my child can use during programming , or my school will provide the necessary technology to participate 

  • I understand my child will  participate in an online reading program 

  • I understand  that my child and sometimes myself will participate in online learning activities that include video meetings with teachers and other families and students

  • I understand that I may meet with the  teacher over the phone or online video  to discuss the program and my child’s progress

Type your First, Last Name, and Relationship to scholar(s) to sign electronically

Por favor revise y firme a continuación

  • Tengo un dispositivo con Internet que mi hijo puede usar durante la programación, o mi escuela me ha proporcionado la tecnología necesaria para participar. 
  • Entiendo que mi hijo participará en un programa de lectura en línea 
  • Entiendo que mi hijo y, a veces, yo mismo participaremos en actividades de aprendizaje en línea que incluyen reuniones de video con maestros y otras familias y estudiantes. 
  • Entiendo que puedo reunirme con el maestro por teléfono o por vídeo en una plataforma digital para discutir el programa y el progreso de mi hijo.

Escriba su nombre y apellido para firmar electrónicamente