Member & Community Feedback

One Roof Community Housing Annual Meeting - May 2022

We invite your comments, questions and ideas about the mission, programs and services of One Roof Community Housing.  Your feedback helps guide our work.
Feedback Questions
How do you rank the effectiveness of One Roof's mission and tagline? 

"Enriching Lives & Communities, One Home at a Time" and "We make home a better place"

Be A Member of One Roof Community Housing
Membership in One Roof Community Housing consists of either 1) owning a Community Land Trust (CLT) home, or 2) contributing financially ($1 or more) each fiscal year (January to December).  During our Annual Member Meeting, Community Land Trust Homeowners and everyone who has contributed financially to One Roof in the past year are eligible to vote on motions and to put forth motions for consideration.
Thank you for your feedback!