CE+ Cultural Educators in the digital era

Call for participation

“Digital Education in the creative and culture sector”

Local workshops and international online Meeting, 16.-29.06.2020

Digital tools had been ubiquitous in the everyday work of cultural professionals even before the corona pandemic started to lock us down in home offices. They are supposed to accelerate work and communication, shorten distance, establish connections and create a wider outreach. Meanwhile, we have an option to use an endless number of tools for an immense diversity of functions and application areas. Especially now, everything is happening online and often it feels like a jungle, you even don’t want to enter. It is almost impossible to not get lost, to always find the right tool for the right task and find a fitting provider for an internationally and professionally heterogenous group. 

Therefore, we organize local live meetings of small groups in order to discuss the (non)possibilities of the digitalization of cultural work and provide a platform for sharing experiences. In an international online meeting we will bring the groups together and dig deeper into the question, how digital could or should arts and culture be(come)?

This workshop is for you, if:

  • You want to work with digital tools, but still you are not sure which are the most relevant to your needs  you don’t know how
  • You already worked with some, but are stuck with certain problems
  • You already worked with some and have your success stories
  • You wonder, how other people in the sector handle it and which are good solutions for certain situations

Some of the topics that will be discussed:

  • organizing online workshops
  • connecting different groups online
  • using digital platforms for international collaboration
  • integrate a youtube channel in daily work
  • live streaming of your events
  • the best tools to make your event online interactive and engaging

Who? Cultural educators and practitioners already experienced with online education or interested in learning more.

What? 2-hours local workshops: sharing and exchange on best and bad practices in the online work of cultural educators + 1,5 hours international online exchange on the outcomes of the regional meetings. When and where? Local meetings from 16.-26.06.2020:

Berlin (Germany): New Date due to technical problems we have to postpone this meeting! (not 23.6., but) 26.6.!, 12.00 at Campus Herzberge (we stay outside)

Maribor (Slovenia): 24.6., 12.00 @ Vetrinjski dvor

Bourgas (Bulgaria): 16.6., 18.00 in front of Cultural Center "Sea Casino"

Ruše (Bulgaria): 23.6., 14.00 conference hall of Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Wrocƚaw (Poland):  26.6., 12.00 at CAL Prądzyńskiego 39A

International online meeting and exchange: 29.06.2020, 16.00 CET via Zoom.

How? Apply before 22.06.2020 by answering three basic questions about yourself, your experiences and your curiosity for the topic in the application form on the next page. We will come back to you asap.

Application for

“Digital Education in the creative and culture sector”

Local workshops and international online meeting, 16.-29.06.2020

Application part

We would like to understand who you are and why you would like to take part in the workshop and/or the meeting. You may just answer the questions in written. But if you feel more like drawing a picture, taking a photo or answering the three questions in a short video which you upload, we are also very happy!

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