Tech Lending Library Borrowing Policy & Agreement

Borrowing Policy & Agreement City of Hayward Tech Lending Library

Borrowing Policy for Long-Term Checkouts

· Hayward Public Library’s technology equipment may be checked-out by families attending a Hayward  Unified School District (HUSD) school site by completing this Borrowing Policy & Agreement Form.

· A valid Hayward Public Library card number OR valid I.D. card number OR student I.D. card number is required.

· A HUSD borrower must read, understand, and sign this agreement before any technology equipment is checked-out.

· The loan period for technology equipment check-out to HUSD students will be until June 1, 2021, OR IMMEDIATELY UPON DEPATURE FROM AN HUSD SCHOOL SITE. Technology equipment must be returned directly to the HUSD school site that equipment was checked-out from.

· All equipment and peripherals (power block) must be returned upon the due date and time indicated by your school site.

· Fees include, but are not limited to: an overdue fine of $20.00 for the first day not returned and a $6.00        processing fee. The cost of the Chromebook ($500.00) and peripherals ($25); LG Tablet (up to$250);  Hotspot (up to $400). Damage fees vary. All equipment must be returned to the HUSD school site office that it was checked-out from. DO NOT RETURN EQUIPMENT TO HAYWARD PUBLIC LIBRARY OR TO BOOKDROPS AT THE LIBRARY.


· The borrower is responsible for costs associated with damage or loss of technology equipment due to     neglect or abuse. Damage fees vary. Please reference replacement costs for technology equipment above.

Proper Care and Use

· As with all library property and equipment, users are expected to treat all technology equipment  and      peripherals with respect and care.

· No food or drink near any of the technology equipment.

· All borrowers should use the technology equipment in a responsible and courteous  manner, and abide by HUSD and Hayward Public Library’s Public Conduct Policy and the internet-specific rules, regulations, and procedures established for its use.

Technology  Lending Agreement

I agree:

· To abide by Hayward Public Library’s Tech Lending Library Borrowing Policy & Agreement as stated above.

· To pay full repair and/or replacement costs should any equipment or any peripherals be stolen, lost, not  returned, or damaged. Library staff identifies any such damage during inspection upon return of the        technology equipment to the school site office.

· That I will not adapt, alter, modify, decompile, translate, dissemble, or reverse engineer any of the technology equipment or any of its components; copy or make derivative works of the equipment; attempt in any way to extract the course code; or use the equipment for high risk activities.

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