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Listen for Good

Thank you for your interest in participating in Listen4Good (L4G) Online+. In order to participate, organizations must meet certain requirements and submit this application form by August 19, 2020 at 11:59PM PST. Please review our FAQ for more information. 

If you have any questions on this application, please contact Rebecca Klein (rebecca@fundforsharedinsight.org).

The application has the following sections:

  1. Organization Information

  2. Contact Information
  3. Eligibility Questions

  4. Additional Organizational Information
  5. Funder Information

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Organization Information

Please provide a number without the percentage sign (%).

Please provide a number without the percentage sign (%).
Contact Information
Head of Organization

Primary Contact for L4G Implementation
If you are selected to participate in L4G, please share information for the primary contact or project manager for the L4G project. If you don’t know who will serve as the primary contact/project manager yet, please include the primary contact for this application.

Eligibility Questions
On our website, we’ve outlined the basic eligibility requirements for participating in L4G. Please answer the following questions to confirm your eligibility.

Additional Organizational Information

Funder Information
We need some basic information on who will be providing $1,000 to fund your participation in L4G. Note that by listing a funder, you are allowing us to directly contact the funder and solicit payment from them. If you plan to pay out-of-pocket, please note that below.

Thank you for completing this application form. Please click the Submit button below. We will follow up with you if we have questions. Otherwise, we will announce application decisions on August 26, 2020.