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Business Information

No cost to apply. Information submitted in this application is secure and confidential. For questions regarding this application, please call 1-800-833-3765 ext. 1.

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Business Information

Ownership Information

Ownership Information
Please note that any additional owners with 20% or more ownership are required to complete a Credit Check and Release Form. A form will be provided after the application is submited.

Don’t worry, we only run a soft credit inquiry, which will not impact your credit score. Social security numbers are required to fully process the application, but we can gather this information through a Credit Check and Release Authorization form through email if you prefer not to submit it now.

Ownership Information

Social security numbers are required to process the application. We can gather this over the phone later if you prefer not to submit it now.

Accounts Receivable

Dollar Amount of Commercial Accounts Receivable now open:

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Upload files
Please upload your Accounts Receivable (AR) Aging Report and Accounts Payable (AP) Aging report here

Accounts to be Factored

Upload Spreadsheet
Please include the following columns in your spreadsheet.
  1. Name of customer*
  2. Full street address of customer* or street address of its main headquarters. No P.O. Box addresses can be accepted at this time. Please include the customer's street address, city, state and zip/postal code.
  3. Phone number* - Your customer WILL NOT be contacted by us at this time. We use this information to identify the correct Dun & Bradstreet profile.
  4. Requested credit limit*
  5. Average monthly sales for this customer*
  6. Average time it takes to be paid*
  7. Current outstanding accounts receivables*

Manually Enter Customer Information
Please supply the complete name, address, and credit limit. Use the "Add Another Account to Be Factored" link below the first account to add the next.

Your customer WILL NOT be contacted by us at this time. We use this information to identify the correct Dun & Bradstreet profile.

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By submitting this application, you authorize United Capital Funding to use any credit bureau or business to verify any information that is provided. United Capital Funding Group, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary (WOS) of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company, New Orleans, Louisiana. Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company is an FDIC-insured commercial bank.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge I am not under the age of 13 and approve submission of this information.
Please note, you will be prompted to review your application entry prior to submission.