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- Trust Leaders Network: a national network of peers brought together to share knowledge and strengthen capacities to lead and grow healthy organisations. Further information is available at our free virtual session on 14th July 2020 at 10:30 - 11:30.

Early adopter fee: £2320 sign up by 31 July

Full fee: £2 990 from 1 Aug 2020

- Trust Peer Review: a three day peer review process which aims to understand the trust on its own terms, seek evidence of the trust's impact for their consideration, and provide support and challenge. 

Early adopter fees: sign up by 31 July

5 or fewer schools £6,350 6-10 schools £7,850 11+ schools £9,750

Full fees apply from 1 Aug 2020

- Network of Excellence: a national network of schools organised in hubs and connected via a reciprocal

annual quality assurance review programme, which has been independently evaluated to provide "multiple gains" for reviewed schools, peer reviewers and their schools. Trusts can benefit from a 10% group discount on subscription fees £20K and over.
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