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Community Innovation Grant Application

Welcome! We're excited to read about your idea. Make sure to look at the program eligibility and criteria before you start your application.

Saving your application: You can save your application to revisit and finish at any time. To save your changes, click the "Save my progress and resume later" checkbox at the top of the page. A save notification will be sent to your emailmake sure to check your junk or spam folder. This form will not auto-save. Make sure you save prior to closing your browser. 

Required fields: Required fields are indicated with a red asterisk. You must fill in all required fields in order to submit the application.

Character counts: Some fields have a character count limit. The character count limit includes spaces. Copying and pasting from another program, such as Microsoft Word, can bring over embedded formatting which results in incorrect character counts. We recommend, if possible, typing directly in the application rather than copying and pasting. As you type your responses, keep a close eye on the character count. If you see a negative number, for example "-22 characters left," you have gone over the character count limit by 22 characters and need to reduce those characters by 22. Only the characters that fit within the limit will be successfully submitted.

If you have any questions along the way, please contact the Bush Foundation Community Innovation Team at 651-379-2249 or staff@bushfoundation.org


Maximum 1800 characters, including spaces (approximately 300 words).

Maximum 2400 characters, including spaces (approximately 400 words).

Maximum 1800 characters, including spaces (approximately 300 words).

Maximum 1800 characters, including spaces (approximately 300 words).

Maximum 900 characters, including spaces (approximately 150 words).

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Use the email address where you will want to receive confirmation of your account set up and correspondence about any application you submit

We ask a few questions about every Bush Foundation applicant so we can see how well our process works for different types of organizations.  

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