Scholar Success Fund Application

Please click here for a list of local resources and support for students.

Examples of covered expenses include, but are not limited to: 

  • Learning Supplies (i.e. laptop, Wi-Fi hotport, books, materials or supplies)
  • Transportation (i.e. car repairs, gas, bus passes)
  • Housing Support (i.e. groceries)
  • Basic Needs or other essentials (i.e. hygiene products, cell phone bill)

Examples of ineligible expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Tuition and fee
  • Parking tickets or other fines
  • Non-essential utilities (i.e. TV or cable bill)
  • Credit card/personal debt
  • Entertainment
  • Court fees

The Scholar Success fund is available for currently enrolled students or students planning to enroll. Applications will be evaluated within 48 hours of receipt, and DRDFS staff will reach out to students via email to confirm or request additional details.

Please note that what you enter here will not necessarily be what is disbursed to you. The amount disbursed to you depends on the amount you've received, request need, etc., and will be determined when DRDFS follows up with you when you submit your request.

The submission of this form indicates your agreement that all information provided is true to the best of your knowledge. Submission also indicates your agreement to release contents of your application for board and donor reporting.