Connect Fund Flexible Finance Design Phase: Call for ideas and solutions – Response Form

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Welcome to the Flexible Finance for the Recovery - Design Phase Response form 

The Barrow Cadbury Trust delivers the Connect Fund, on behalf of Access - The Foundation for Social Investment, to strengthen the social investment market in England to better meet the needs of charities and social enterprises.
This form is an initial call for ideas and solutions to aid the development of Access’ Flexible Finance for the Recovery programme. We hope your responses will help us in a number of ways:
  • Providing perspectives and potential answers to some of the questions laid out in the “challenges” section of the information sheet;
  • Identification of other challenges or opportunities that we have not yet thought of;
  • Stimulating collaboration: social investors, providers of capital and others coming together to share ideas, perspectives and work up solutions;
  • Advice on how to design and deliver this programme well.
This call is aimed at social investment fund managers, foundations, infrastructure organisations and others who feel they would like to influence this work and/or who would like to build towards a potential investment proposal in due course. If you have already identified or established a partnership or collaboration with other stakeholders in the sector to develop a proposal, only the lead partner needs to complete this response form. There is space for you to list other partners in the form.

We strongly recommend that you read the information sheet before completing this form. You can also send us an email or contact us by telephone on 0207 632 9087 with any queries.
Initially we will be accepting responses until the end of September 2020. We will begin to engage with people over the summer, so we would encourage you to submit your ideas to us as soon as possible. Following the submission of your form, we will review your response with Access and you will be contacted with information about the next stage of the design process for the programme and/or to inform you when Access’ Expression of Interest for the Flexible Finance for Recovery Fund is open. 
This form is short, but if you want to see all the questions before you start, you can navigate through the pages using the page number links at the top of the form. 
You can either type directly into the form or, if you prefer, you can cut and paste from another application such as Word. You are strongly advised to save your form by using the links at the top of the form. You will be asked for a password and will be sent an email with a link to the saved form. We do not have access to your password, but if you forget what it is, you can reset it yourself via the link you are given, or contact us to send you a new one. If you have any problems completing the form, please contact us on 0207 632 9087. There is a help link in the bottom left hand corner of this page, or you can reach us by email.
As part of this response form, we collect information about you to enable us to contact you. We may use your information to:

· Contact you regarding your response form;

· Contact you regarding matters that are relevant to the Trust’s and your organisation’s mission;

· Send you communications which you have requested;

· Seek your views or comments on the services we provide;

· Notify you of changes to our services.

As this process is being run in partnership with Access - the Foundation for Social Investment, your details may also be shared securely with relevant contacts at Access. Otherwise, we will not sell or rent your information to third parties.

By submitting this application form, you agree to us using your personal information in this way. 

Please read our information sheet before completing this section of the form. If you have any further questions about this programme please get in touch with us before completing the form.

We have identified four priority areas where we are seeking ideas to help shape the programme.

To ensure we design a programme that effectively meets the needs of as many charities and social enterprises as possible, we will be facilitating digital roundtables or consultations to test approaches to addressing the challenges identified and provide an opportunity for discussion between stakeholders to inform potential bids, which may also lead to collaboration or partnership working.

If you answered yes, the Connect Fund can provide small grants to organisations we think will be valuable to this development process to ensure they can be involved.

Please list any partner organisations including a contact email address for them.

This must be the legal name of your organisation (the name that is on your governing document)

Once you have completed the form and are ready to submit it, please click Submit below.  You are strongly advised to save your work via the link at the top of the form before doing this.  Once you click Submit, you will see a new screen with the content of your form.  You will have a chance to review this before clicking Confirm to submit your application.  Once your form is successfully submitted, you will see a confirmation screen, and an email with a copy of your form will be sent to you.