CBAA Member Duty Solicitor Program

The CBAA and HWL Ebsworth Lawyers Australia have established the CBAA Member Duty Solicitor Program to provide CBAA members with pro bono legal advice.


Please complete this form to make a formal request to access the CBAA Member Duty Solicitor Program.


The program provides each member with a 20 minute phone consultation in order to seek expert legal advice from a duty solicitor, free of charge, in the fields of broadcasting and media law.


Please note the following before proceeding.


  • The Duty Solicitor Scheme is for Permanent or Temporary members of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.
  • The person requesting the Duty Solicitor Program is an authorised representative of the Station (President or appointed delegate).
  • Free consultation with HWL Ebsworth Lawyers is limited to one (1) 20 minute consultation annually.