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g3 Membership Class of 2024-2025 Registration

Membership Deadline: Sunday, September 15, 2024


Thank you for your interest in Girls Giving Grants (g3)! We are so pleased you've decided to make a bigger impact through our collective giving efforts. This form requires you fill out all the information and to pay your $125 Annual Membership Contribution.


If you are requesting a scholarship or sponsorship please apply here. Questions can be emailed to

Impact Austin's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) efforts are designed to help us better represent the communities in which we operate. Any information you provide will be handled confidentially, and used in aggregate to track our progress toward our DEIB goals. Please check the appropriate racial/ ethnic category:

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Participants in g3 agree to:
  1. Make my very best efforts to attend in full, all regularly scheduled meetings. I understand that each g3 member may be allowed two (2) excused absences. I also understand that after my third absence, I may not be allowed to vote on the grant finalist.

  2. Be at all meetings on time.

  3. Treat everyone with respect.

  4. Give 100% effort in my participation.

  5. (NEW MEMBERS) To submit my conflict of interest, media release & liability waiver documents with my guardian's signature within 30 days. (RETURNING MEMBERS) To update previously submitted permission documents if changes need to be made.

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