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This enrolment form is for individuals registering for one of PD:Education's qualifications. If you are a business looking to enrol a group of students, please contact us at enquiries@pdapproval.com or call (+44) 0333 577 0908. 

Before starting, please save your form using the link below so that you can come back to it if you need to. 
Contact details

Please note: The name you provide here will be added to your Certificate of Achievement so please ensure that it is full and correct as replacement certificates are charged at £25+VAT.

Personal details

Photo ID
For additional security, we require photographic evidence of the person attending the training. This can be from either a passport, driving licence or other ID as long as it has a suitable photo and shows the name and address you have entered on this application form.

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Your qualification requirements
Please choose your qualification, type and mode of delivery below. You have the choice of either the full qualification or the RPL (recognition of prior learning) option.

* your unique online access login will be sent to you within 7-10 working days

The online consultation is a mandatory prerequisite for any learner wishing to study through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). 

As you haven’t done this yet, please contact us on (+44) 0333 577 0908 or by email at enquiries@pdapproval.com so that your consultation can be arranged as soon as possible to ensure that the prior learning you have is sufficient for you to complete the RPL process.

Once you have completed the consultation and you have received our decision, you will need to start a new enrolment form.

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Please read the following tutor:student declaration. You will be asked to confirm your agreement at the end of the enrolment form. A copy of this form can be found on our website in the Policies section.

Your Guidance Assessor agrees to:

  • Support you through the qualification journey from start to certification

  • Mark your Student Assessment Pack (SAP)

  • Give you feedback, which will be recorded fully in your SAP

  • Give you action plans when evidence is not met, which will be recorded fully in your SAP

  • Give guidance and support when you are not sure where to find the evidence

  • Answer any questions you may have in a timely manner


Your role as the student is to:

  • Ask for support when needed

  • Respond to communications in a timely manner

  • Meet the set deadlines for submission of work/evidence

  • Request an extension for the deadlines if required, and at least two weeks before the deadline is due

  • Ensure work is fully completed and to a high standard before sending it in for marking; work that is incomplete will count towards the two-mark policy*.

  • Complete all assessments within 10 months of the start date.

  • To ensure all confidential passwords are keep safety and securely.

Face-to-face training day (if applicable)

Your Master Trainer agrees to:

  • Ensure they work within the agreed timetable and start and finish on time.

  • Inform you of the purpose and process of each session.

  • Use training resources that allow you to maximise your learning.

  • Give you some opportunities to make comments and ask questions in relation to the learning.

  • Invite you to comment and contribute to the training.

  • Inform you of any health and safety and operational rules in relation to the venue.

  • Provide individual and confidential advice and support on the day if required

  • Address any concerns submitted in writing by the learner in accordance with our Complaints Policy.

  • Adhere to our Equal Opportunities Policy.

Your role as the student is to:

  • Attend the session on time.

  • Bring all necessary paperwork, activities and homework tasks as requested.

  • Actively participate in the training session with your colleagues and Master Trainer.

  • Take responsibility for your own learning by communicating your progress with the Training Provider and/or Guidance Assessor.

  • Ask for help and guidance if required.

  • Behave responsibly towards others and the venue in respect of health and safety and operational rules.

  • Behave in a manner that is conducive to learning and respectful to the other learners and the Master Trainer

  • Advise the Master Trainer in writing of any concerns about the qualification in accordance with the provider’s Complaints Policy

  • Adhere to the Equal Opportunities Policy.

* Each assessment can be marked a maximum of two times. If a third marking is required a fee of £30+VAT will be incurred in accordance with our terms and conditions, per assessment.

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Terms and conditions

View the Terms and Conditions here.
View the Privacy Policy here.
Open and save a copy of the Teacher:Student agreement here.


Once we receive your application, you have a 14 days cooling off period during which time you can cancel for any reason and receive a full refund if payment has been made. After 14 days, please see our terms and conditions for our full cancellation policy.

If you have ordered a manual and later wish to return it, you must post it back to us at your own expense within 7 days of receipt. We will refund the price of the manual as long as it is received in as new condition and you inform us via enquiries@pdapproval.com of your intention to return within the 7 days timeframe.