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At CCA, we believe it’s important for members of our community to work together. This may include working with direct reports, peers, managers, and division leadership to address issues and tough situations that may arise from time to time. When a person experiences difficulty addressing situations, HR is available for additional support. Please use this form to report a problem, complaint, or issue to the Human Resources Office. 

Please know that the college makes every effort to treat all constituents in a fair and unbiased manner. If you have a problem, complaint or issue that you would like to see addressed, we would like to hear from you. Feedback from our employees plays an important role in establishing and improving the conditions in our workplace. 

Every effort will be made to keep the information you provide confidential, however, in certain circumstances we may be required by law to inform others who may have a legal need to know. 

All incidents that involve concerns about students should be submitted by completing the CCA Cares Form.

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