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Community Centre Support Fund

About the Fund

Forever Manchester recognises that Community Centres and other multi-use indoor community spaces are often at the heart of their local community but are facing immense challenges to re-open in a Covid-secure way.

We are offering awards of up to £500 to help community centres make the adaptations that they need to in order to welcome groups and people back into their spaces.

Fund criteria

The Community Centre Support Fund welcomes applications from locally managed community centres based in any of the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester.

Who can apply?

The Community Centre Support Fund aims to support community managed grassroot community spaces. This means community-based and locally led community centres and other multi-use indoor community spaces, that encourage people to get involved as volunteers and which are used by multiple local community groups and organisations.

Whilst there is no annual income cap for applicants, if the fund is over-subscribed priority will be given to smaller organisations.

Centres run by statutory bodies and housing associations are not eligible to apply.

How much can you apply for?

The maximum award request that will be considered is £500. 

What can we apply for?

The Fund aims to help community centres make the changes they need to in order to re-open in a Covid-secure way. For further information on what this may mean for you, please see the government guidelines.

Whilst we know that requirements will differ depending upon how your centre is set-up, the type of thing we expect to fund might include:

  •        Hand sanitising stations

  •          Appropriate signage changes

  •          Minor physical adaptations such as perspex screens

  •          Improvements to hand-washing facilities

  •          PPE

Is there anything we can’t apply for?

As funds are limited, we want to support those centres where an award will make the biggest difference. Unfortunately, this means awards can’t be used as a contribution to the costs of larger scale changes that you may need to make. We also can’t fund changes that have already been made or equipment that has already been purchased. If you’re not sure if we could consider your application for funding, please email the Forever Manchester Communities Team and we’ll be happy to help: 

We will close for applications at midday on Friday 21st August 2020. Any applications received after this time will not be considered.You will be informed of the outcome of your application by 11th September 2020.


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After completing the form you will be given an opportunity at the end of the form to review your answers before submitting the application. You can also print a copy to retain for your records.

Once you've submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email containing the information you submitted on your application.

For help and guidance on your groups supporting documents and to see what is required to be submitted alongside your application, please refer to our For Supporting Information.

Start Your Application Below
Organisation Name and Address Details

Provide the name of your organisation as it appears on any governing documents.

This should be the address of the organisation. If the organisation doesn't have a independent location you can use the contact details of the primary contact.

The telephone number and email address should be one at which the organisation is easily contacted, especially during office hours. If the organisation doesn't have a independent location you can use the contact details of the primary contact.

Main Contact Person
These are the details that will be used for correspondence purposes.

The contact person should be someone who has a good knowledge of the application as this is the person we will contact if we have any queries.

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About Your Organisation

Approach answering this question as though you were talking to a friend about what you do.

What type of organisation are you?  (Please select as many as appropriate).

You do not need to be a registered charity or company limited by guarantee to apply, but we do need to know more about the “status” of your organisation. If you are a sub-group, committee of a larger group or a local branch of a national charity, we can only fund you if you can demonstrate that you operate independently. This usually means you have separate rules & regulations, an independent committee, a separate bank account and are responsible for generating your own income.

Input numbers only

Staffing and Volunteers
How many of each of the following are involved at the centre?

Volunteer Hours

About Your Project

Does your project have an overall project name, if so please enter it here.

Please provide the postcode where most of your beneficiaries reside, if there are multiple places please just pick one. If it is too difficult to distinguish please provide the postcode of your organisation.

We realise that you cannot give exact figures but please estimate as accurately as possible. This information is important and will be used to evaluate the project at the end of the grant period.

E.g. who has got involved and which other groups and services have you connected with?

Why did they get involved and what do they get from coming to your centre? Please provide us with a personal quote from the person you have chosen to write about (this can be anonymous).

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Project Budget

Input numbers only

The maximum amount you can apply for is £500.

Please enter a breakdown of costs. If not applicable please enter N/A.
Banking Details
Grants awarded are paid via BACS. Please enter your full bank details below.  If you do not have a bank account of your own, you will need to find an organisation to accept a BACS payment on your behalf. 

Supporting Documents
Please click on the attachments link below to upload required documents to support this application. Whilst you can post documentation to us, it will speed up the processing of your application if you can attach them now.

Documents required:
  • Governing Document
  • Annual Accounts (if the organisation are less than 12 months old, please send 3 consecutive bank statements)
  • Recent bank statement with the group name and address visible
  • Management Committee Details
  • Safeguarding Policies (if applicable)
For help and guidance on your groups supporting documents, please refer to our For Supporting Information.

Documents sent by post should be addressed to: 
Forever Manchester, 2nd Floor, 8 Hewitt Street, Manchester, M15 4GB
Using your personal information
By completing this application form, you accept that Forever Manchester will have access to the personal data about you and other individuals named.


As a necessary part of the application process, Forever Manchester will collect personal data about you and other people connected with your organisation. The personal data we collect includes name, address, telephone number, email address and could also include date of birth and photographs.


We will use the information you give us during assessment and during the life of your award (if successful) to manage and monitor the award and check the money is being used appropriately. 


If you do not give us consent to use this data, we will not be able to process your application.


We hold and store your information in line with the Data Protection legislation currently in force. For more information explaining how we use your information, please see our privacy policy which can be found on our website by clicking here.

Forever Manchester would like to follow up successful applicants and potentially feature them in publicity activities.  This could include featuring the work of your organisation on our website or social media channels. 


Please tick the box to confirm that if your application is successful, you are happy for Forever Manchester to use information about your group or project for publicity purposes. If you would prefer not to feature in any publicity, don’t worry, not ticking this will not affect the outcome of your award application.


If successful we agree to spend any award as outlined in our application form or specified within the award letter. Should we be unable to continue with the awarded project or there are any changes to the way in which we wish to spend the award, we will contact Forever Manchester first.