Community Support Fund Phase Two

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Community Support Fund - Phase Two

Please read these guidelines carefully before beginning your application. As funds are limited only those applications most closely matching the fund criteria will be considered.

The Community Support Fund (Phase Two) will accept applications from voluntary and community groups based in any of the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester. We want to fund organisations who are supporting those suffering from hardship as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Funding for phase two is primarily coming from the Department for Communities, Media and Sport (DCMS) via the National Emergencies Trust. This means that there are slightly different criteria, so please read these guidelines fully before applying. Additionally, at the end of the application form, there are a number of clauses relating to any grants made which you have to agree to before submitting your application. Please read them carefully as these are legally enforceable clauses required by DCMS.

Who Can Apply?

To apply you need to be a charity or constituted community group with your own bank account and relevant safeguarding policies in place. We expect you to be based in the area where you are offering help.

You must be applying for activity which is in line with your organisation’s aims and objects as shown in your governing documents. Applications which do not meet this criterion will be rejected.

The Fund is aimed at organisations supporting those suffering hardship as result of Covid-19 and priority will be given to funding organisations who are reaching the most vulnerable or at greatest risk of negative social, health or economic impacts. 

As such we would expect to be receiving applications from organisations working in the following types of services:

  •          Foodbanks and other emergency food/household provisions

  •          Homelessness support

  •          Financial and welfare advice

  •          Domestic violence support

  •          Mental health and counselling services

Priority will be given to groups with an annual income of less than £200,000.

How much can you apply for?

You can apply for up to £5,000, but as we expect a lot of applications and we will not be able to fund them all, we ask that you only apply for what you know you need.

Any funds awarded must be spent in full by 31st March 2021.

What can you apply for?

We are prioritising applications which are providing a service in direct response to community hardship created by the Covid-19 pandemic. This could be for responding to ongoing emergency needs or for making changes to how you work so that you can continue to help those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic over the coming months.

For example, projects could include, but are not limited to:

  •   Support for vulnerable and older people in their homes, providing food and medicines whilst this is still required.
  •   Training for new volunteer advice workers.
  •   Non-perishable food and essential living and baby items for distribution to destitute individuals.
  •   Increased hours for part time frontline workers to deliver increased services.
  •   Purchasing additional equipment to respond to increased demand on services.

How long will a decision take?

We aim to assess your application and give you a decision within four weeks, but please note we can only do this if you provide us with all the supporting documents requested. Please follow the link for full information on what we expect you to include.

Click here for further information.


We will close for applications at midday on Friday 21st August 2020. Any applications received after this time will not be considered.

If you have any questions or have trouble filling this in, please contact us at or phone 0161 214 0940.


We recommend that you save your application by clicking on the "Save my progress and resume later" box at the top of the page. You will be prompted to enter a valid email address and choose a password. You can then come back to it and resume it at a later date if you need to.

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After completing the form you will be given an opportunity at the end of the form to review your answers before submitting the application. You can also print a copy to retain for your records.

Once you've submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email containing the information you submitted on your application.

Start Your Application Below
Organisation Name and Address Details

Provide the name of your organisation as it appears on any governing documents.

Organisation Address

This should be the address of the organisation. If the organisation doesn't have a independent location you can use the contact details of the primary contact.

The telephone number and email address should be one at which the organisation is easily contacted, especially during office hours. If the organisation doesn't have a independent location you can use the contact details of the primary contact.

Main Contact Person
These are the details that will be used for correspondence purposes.

The contact person should be someone who has a good knowledge of the application as this is the person we will contact if we have any queries.

Date of birth is required as part of the new/goverment* requirements for the fund

Main Contact Address

Page 2

About Your Organisation 

Approach answering this question as though you were talking to a friend about what you do.

What type of organisation are you?  
(Please select as many as appropriate).

Input numbers only

Staffing and Volunteers
How many of each of the following are involved in your group?

Volunteer Hours

About Your Project

Does your project have an overall project name, if so please enter it here.

Please provide the postcode where most of your beneficiaries reside, if there are multiple places please just pick one. If it is too difficult to distinguish please provide the postcode of your organisation.

We realise that you cannot give exact figures but please estimate as accurately as possible. This information is important and will be used to evaluate the project at the end of the grant period.

Page 3

Project Budget

The maximum amount you can apply for is £5,000.

Please enter a breakdown of costs.
Banking Details
Grants awarded are paid via BACS. Please enter your full bank details below.  If you do not have a bank account of your own, you will need to find an organisation to accept a BACS payment on your behalf.

Supporting Documents
Please click on the attachments link below to upload required documents to support this application. Attaching all requested documents will speed up the processing of your application if you can attach them now.

Documents required:
  • Governing Document
  • Annual Accounts (if the organisation are less than 12 months old, please send 3 consecutive bank statements)
  • Recent bank statement with the group name and address visible
  • Management Committee Details
  • Safeguarding Policies- this will be required if your project is working with children or vulnerable adults. 
For help and guidance on your groups supporting documents, please refer to our For Supporting Information or email if you have any queries.

Using your personal information
By completing this application form, you accept that Forever Manchester will have access to the personal data about you and other individuals named.


As a necessary part of the application process, Forever Manchester will collect personal data about you and other people connected with your organisation. The personal data we collect includes name, address, telephone number, email address and could also include date of birth and photographs. This information will be shared with UK Community Foundations and the National Emergency Trust who we are partnering with on the Community Support Fund.


We will use the information you give us during assessment and during the life of your award (if successful) to manage and monitor the award and check the money is being used appropriately. 


If you do not give us consent to use this data, we will not be able to process your application.


We hold and store your information in line with the Data Protection legislation currently in force. For more information explaining how we use your information, please see our privacy policy which can be found on our website by clicking here.

As funding for this phase of the programme is primarily coming from DCMS, please read the additional programme specific privacy notice carefully. By submitting this application, you are agreeing to this privacy notice in addition to the Forever Manchester privacy notice. Please click here for further information.

Clawback Clause
This clause is a legally binding provision that enables public bodies to demand repayment of a grant paid in error or if the stipulated use of the grant has been breached. Please review the following:

1) An Event of Default occurs if:

a) You fail to comply with any term or condition of this Grant Agreement;

b) You fail to complete the Project or have failed to make satisfactory progress with the Project or any part of it, in accordance with any agreed timetable;

c) any information given or representations made by You to Us is found to be incorrect or incomplete to an extent which We reasonably consider to be material;

d) You fail to take adequate measures to investigate and resolve any reported Financial Irregularity;

e) You cease to operate and / or change the nature of Your operations to an extent which We reasonably consider to be material, including if You (or any substantial part of Your operations) merge with or are taken over by another organisation;

f) before the end of the Funding Period You:

i) are subject to a proposal for a voluntary arrangement or have a petition for an administration order or a winding up order brought against You;

ii) pass a resolution to wind up Your business;

iii) make any composition, arrangement, conveyance or assignment for the benefit  of Your creditors, or purport to do the same; or

iv) are subject to the appointment of a receiver, administrator or liquidator; or

v) are unable to pay Your debts as they fall due;

g) You receive funding from any other source for the Eligible Expenditure which is funded by the Grant;

h) You are involved in illegal activity in Your administration of the Project;

i) You take any actions which in Our reasonable opinion are likely to bring Our name or reputation, or that of the wider government, into disrepute, or which pose a risk to public money; or

j) You are otherwise in material breach of this Grant Agreement.

2) If an Event of Default occurs, We may, at Our discretion:

a) suspend and withhold the payment of Grant for such period as We may determine;

b) require You to repay all or any part of the Grant that has been paid to You (or such lesser amount as We may determine) by issuing a demand for repayment. Prior to issuing such a demand, We may (at Our sole discretion) give You an opportunity to rectify such breach or occurrence, delay or defer any further payments of Grant installments to You until such time as the breach has been remedied; and/or

c) terminate this Grant Agreement by serving written notice where the Event of Default is incapable of being remedied or is not remedied within such reasonable period as We may determine.

Duplication Clause
Duplicate Funding means funding provided by a Third Party to the Grant Recipient, which is for the same purpose for which the Grant was made, but has not been declared to the Grant Maker.

Payment of Grant

1)  The Grant Recipient agrees that it will not apply for, or obtain, Duplicate Funding in respect of any part of the Funded Activities which have been paid for in full using the Grant.

2) The Grant Recipient shall promptly notify and repay immediately to the Grant Maker any money incorrectly paid to it either as a result of an administrative error or otherwise. This includes (without limitation) situations where the Grant Recipient is paid in error before it has complied with its obligations under the Grant Funding Agreement. Any sum, which falls due under this paragraph, shall fall due immediately. If the Grant Recipient fails to repay the due sum immediately [or within any other timeframe specified by the Grant Maker] the sum will be recoverable summarily as a civil debt.

Fraud Clause

The applicant understands that providing false or misleading information on their application or subsequent communications related to this fund could lead to funds being withheld or [subsequently] recovered. Civil or criminal proceedings may be considered in the event of non-compliance. Post grant award assurance work will be completed to discover and recover fraudulent funds.

Forever Manchester would like to follow up successful applicants and potentially feature them in publicity activities.  This could include featuring the work of your organisation on our website or social media channels. 


Please tick the box to confirm that if your application is successful, you are happy for Forever Manchester to use information about your group or project for publicity purposes. If you would prefer not to feature in any publicity, don’t worry, not ticking this will not affect the outcome of your award application.