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Recommendations for LMCC's Manhattan Arts Grants are made through a juried selection process designed to ensure projects are funded based on their ability to address the program's criteria. LMCC is committed to convening jurors whose expertise and backgrounds reflect the cultural and creative diversity of the applicant pool including: artistic genre and form, racial, ethnic and cultural background. The jury is comprised of artists, cultural workers, and arts professionals with knowledge and familiarity of Manhattan’s neighborhoods and communities. Jury members change each year and are selected after the application deadline. Jury members receive an honorarium for their service.


LMCC broadly seeks to engage jurors with experience in any of the following areas and strongly encourages nominees whose work is rooted in the lived experience of Manhattan's Black, Indigenous, and immigrant communities.

  • Contemporary artists and companies advancing their form or curators/programming entities with related goals

  • Folk and traditional artists and companies carrying and reinvigorating their practice or curators/programming entities with related goals

  • Grassroots arts groups providing arts events for a specific community or audience base

  • Non-arts organizations with a history of providing arts programming to their community

  • Arts enrichment for youth, creative aging, or workshops/participatory programs for adults


If you are interested in serving as a jury member or nominating someone else for service, please complete the form below. LMCC engages over 40 jury members each year and we greatly appreciate your recommendations and interest as we continue to expand our roster of potential jurors.

To learn more about the Manhattan Arts Grants and view a list of past jurors, please visit: CREATIVE ENGAGEMENT, CREATIVE LEARNING, and UMEZ ARTS ENGAGEMENT


A note about conflicts of interest: LMCC is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity and impartiality in its decision-making processes. Keeping in mind that members of the juries are necessarily active in the arts both professionally and personally, LMCC takes measures to avoid situations which may compromise, or appear to compromise, a fair and equitable review process. The following affiliations will prevent you from serving on the jury:

  • Current service as a director, officer, trustee or employee of an applicant organization

  • Receipt remuneration confirmed under a pending grant application

Other affiliations may require abstention from the review of affiliated applications.

If you have questions about this form or the jury review process, please contact Ana Fiore, Director of Artist Services at

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