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Thank you so much for taking the time to share your work with us.  We want to let you know that we are likely to be a little slower than usual in responding, as we attend to current portfolio needs through the COVID-19 situation, but we look forward to reviewing your application as soon as we can.

The intent of this request for materials is for us to get to know the fundamentals about you, your organization and your team.  It is intended to draw on existing materials and to take about 30-60 minutes to complete. 

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Please upload with your application any overview document(s) that will help us understand your social venture. This could be in the form of a pitch deck, written executive summary, business plan document, 2-pager, or any other format that you find useful. Other supplemental materials (e.g., financials) are welcome, but completely optional. We understand that building these materials takes time - please feel free to use documents you have already created for other proposals or presentations. We will use these materials to better understand your organization and to consider its potential for fit with our investment focus; we will not evaluate your application on whether or not your materials are tailored to DRK specifically.

We are most interested to understand the following topics, but do not require that an application address all of them.

Problem and solution

  • What are the mission and objectives of your organization?
  • What is the social problem your organization addresses?
  • What is the solution your organization provides?
  • Who is your target customer, user, or beneficiary?


  • How does your organization improve on existing efforts? 
  • How is your approach unique and systemic?
  • What are your organization already doing and what are its tangible results to date? 
  • How do you plan to measure organizational outcomes and success in the future?


  • What is your vision for the organization's scale over time? If you achieve this scale, how would the world look different?
  • How will you scale the organization over time?
  • What are the main sources of income that your organization will use to sustain your work over time? 
  • What are your main organizational costs today and how will those evolve as you grow?


  • Please attach a standard resume/CV for the entrepreneur(s), not simply a text bio.

You can review the timeline for our full selection process here at any time. 

Organization Overview

Contact Information

Organization Primary/Headquarters Address

Entrepreneur Contact Information for Each Co-Founder of your Organization (you may add more contacts at the bottom of this section)


Please co
mplete the following section for all co-founders of your organization. This information will help DRK as we work to craft and evolve our diversity & inclusion strategy for the years to come.

If you prefer not to share this information, please select the "Prefer not to answer" option included with each question.

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Organization Details

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List board members names and titles where appropriate, and indicate Board Chair if you have one.

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Organization Financials

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Please attach at minimum two files below (PDF required): an executive summary (no more than 3 pages) or business plan-style document, and a resume of the Social Entrepreneur(s) - if multiple resumes, please concatenate to one document to attach. Additional materials (e.g., pitch deck, financials) are welcome but completely optional. 


See the Submit an Application page for more details.

Attach resumes for the founders/leaders

Please list any fellowships or accelerator programs that your organization has completed or is currently a part of.