Housing Counseling Services, Inc. Webinar Registration Form

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Please note that you will receive one e-mail per each course that you register for with further instructions to finalize your registration!  Also, you may only register for one course of each type at a time.  For example, if we are offering more than one Money Matters course, you may only register for one of them.

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You must be at least 18 years old to register for a course.

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If you currently do not have an address, please enter an address where you can receive mail.

Please include yourself and any other people who live in the house at least 50% of the time in this number.

Providing an accurate estimate of your annual income helps our staff to determine program eligibility. If you have no income, please enter 1 in the income field.

If you do not receive any e-mails within 5 minutes of submitting this form, please check your junk folder.