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Mindful Pursuits - Coffee Connection: Jewish Camp Healthy Mind Platter

Healthy Mind Platter was conceptualized in 2011 by Dr. Dan Siegel and David Rock to showcase the seven activities that make up the full set of ‘mental nutrients' that your brain needs to function at its best. Have you been engaging with all of these activities regularly? Use our challenges and activities below to opt into every aspect of the Healthy Mind Platter!

CONNECTION TIME is defined as when we connect with other people, ideally in person, and when we take time to appreciate our connection to the natural world around us, we activate and reinforce the brain's relational circuitry.

INSTRUCTIONS: Find another camp professional (or recent camp professional) who is affiliated with a camp other than your own. Go to coffee! Or grab another beverage or snack together. Together can be in-person socially distanced, or even virtually/online via screen (zoom, whatsapp, facetime, etc.)

Get to know one another, or if they're an old friend, take time to just connect.

If you want support finding a camp professional buddy to connect with, email and we'll match you up.

The first coffee is on you, the next coffee is on us!

Submit this form with your info and share your selfie/screenshot of the connection coffee date. (We may share on social media, but so should you! Tag @jewishcamp and use #jewishcamp #jewishcampplatter #healthymind)

Then, next month we'll send you a digital gift card towards your next coffee to keep connecting.

It's that simple.

Select "Next Page" to upload your selfie/screenshot and select your choice of e-gift card! (Each person should complete this form themselves, but may upload the same photo.)

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This is the email we'll send the digital gift card, too! So make sure you check it regularly.


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