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Welcome your U1 and help application.

UB form 2020 v5.0 JUL 28 2020 update 1

Dear Customer,

If you have lost your job, either redundant or VR, please follow the steps on the form to apply for the U1 certificate and certificate of benefits. You may be entitle to benefits in your country of residence.

You can apply for the U1 now, but make sure we file the application once you have left your current employment to request a certificate for national insurance contributions and benefits.


Uktaxes Team
Residency information
Please note, this service is for non UK resident or UK residents moving abroad within the EU.
If you still unsure and need help, continue with the form, choose "Not Sure, I need help" and we will do a full assessment to help you.

If you only need help to decide what applies to you, select option 4 " Not Sure, I need help" and continue with the form.
Current Customer

Please state in this form all changes occurred since your previous Online registration (for example: new address, contact details, contract) even if you have emailed the updates before, as we need to have records on the Online form in order to update your tax return and HMRC data base.
Please provide details of any changes

Basic details of employment in the UK

Residency information

DDMMYYYY (state N/A if not applicable to you)

KYC information
Dear customer, we need to verify your ID so could you please attach a copy of your ID or passport as well as a recent utility bill with your current address. You can attach them to the form now or make sure to send it to uktaxes@uktaxes.com. Please send us your NIE as well if resident in Spain. any problems, contact us after you submit the form.

Personal information

About you

Please state the reason
New Address

Employment details

Airline Crew details

If you have or had more than one Airline employer in any of the tax years you need to file, please add all your employers, current and past, using the "add airline employer" link below. Please state employer current status and provide P45 or P60 as well as march payslip or last payslip received from your employer.
Employer details

If you have or had more than one employer in any of the tax years you need to file, please add all your employers, current and past, using the "add previous/additional employer" link below. Please state employer current status and provide P45 or P60 as well as march payslip or last payslip received from your employer.
Self Employed/Partnership information

Other/No employment in the UK

U1 information


Request for information

You can use this form to ask for information about your National Insurance Contributions (NICs) to help with your recent benefit claim in another EEA member state. Please note that self-employed contributions can't be used to claim unemployment benefits. If you're a non-EEA national your UK insurance records will not help a claim to benefits in Denmark.

By selecting this option you are telling us that you are either not living in an EEA county, not leaving the UK within the next two weeks or you don't have a final UK payslip. As you don't meet any of these conditions we are unable to send you a statement

Please provide all periods of residence in the UK

Your UK LAST employment
Please provide information about your LAST UK employment first please. You can add any previous employer as well using the add employer link at the end of this section.


Additional forms and information

Confirm please

Documents and attachments

  1. final payslips from each employer
  2. letter from your last employer confirming the reason why your job ended
  3. form P60 or payslips for the month of March if you have been in employment
  4. P45 if any from your last job
  5. Any other documents you believe to be important to assess your application.
Use the "Add more documents" bellow to add as many documents as you need.

You can also send the documents via e-mail to us.
Gateway account with HMRC

Spanish Resident information

As a resident in Spain you may be entitle to unemployment benefits if you worked abroad for more than a year. We could help you with the process in Spain to deal with the authorities once the U1 and unemployment benefits certificate has been issued.

Spanish unemployment information

Process details
Some regions in Spain may not allow online applications and we may need to prepare and file documents on paper. If you hold a digital certificate in Spain, we can speed up the process. otherwise we can simply apply for one on your behalf.

As you do not hold a permanent resident, you will need to apply for it and obtain the green NIE card as soon as possible. Also, if you just arrived or are planning to come to Spain, you will need to obtain the NIE first and then apply for a permanent residence. We can help you with the residency application as well.

Personal Details

Partner details if you have children together, regardless of relationship status.


Future employment options

Fees and payment

Assessment service
I declare the informatiom I have provided is true and I will provide proof and documents as requested by HMRC and the local authorities. Uktaxes cannot guarantee you will be entitle or receive any benefits, however the service will provide all documents needed under EU regulations to apply for your rights and benefits.

Also, note the local autorities may request full translations of any documents to be provided and the cost of translations is not included in our service. We will provide a certified translator if needed.

You cannot apply for benefits in your country of residence outside the UK if you have already claim jobseeker allowance or any benefits in the UK. Please let us know if you have.


Uktaxes Team
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How to pay Uktaxes




Please note. A quote along with our Bank details will be sent to your email in order for you to make the payment. Please contact us if you do not receive it.
Please note, according to company policy, payments must be made in advance.
Secure Payment Information

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