2020 Virtual Opportunities

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Music for All virtual opportunities provide:

  • Online resources & connections for educators
  • Peak performance opportunities to motivate and inspire students, through virtual Bands of America and Music for All events
  • A platform to keep students and educators engaged in the music making process
  • Meaningful participation and performance opportunities to scholastic music ensembles
  • An outlet to create mutual support of music activities during these unusual times
  • Opportunities for feedback and engagement with clinicians, directors and students
  • Access for programs
School Information

Director Information

This is the email address to which all participation information will be sent.

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Music for All Virtual Options

Performance Based Offerings:
Option 1. Live Showcase - Live Performance, Feedback, & Viewing: Ensembles will be able to share their performance by connecting with Music for All to stream a live performance from their campus, or other remote venue.

Option 2. Remote Feedback - Schools will be able to submit recorded content for private feedback, using the CompetitionSuite platform. This can be utilized by any ensemble type from the school.

Classroom Based Offerings:
Option 3. Student Workshops - Educators can convene student groups virtually for a 60 minute session. 
Option 4. Staff Workshops
- Educators will meet via Zoom for a 60 minute session.
Option 5. MusicProfessor* - To pursue this option, please visit education.musicforall.org/instruction, and contact instruction@musicforall.org for information on group sales.
Option 6. Webinars and Resources* -  Visit education.musicforall.org to find free webinars, videos, and other educational resources to support your students and community.

*These options do not require registration on this form.
Registration Options

Remote Feedback Timeline
-Submit by October 15 for feedback by October 20
-Submit by October 30 for feedback by November 5
-Submit by November 15 for feedback by November 20

You will receive separate email instructions on how to submit your recording(s).

To register for multiple events, please select "add another event" above.

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Copyright Agreement


If you need a reminder of how much money you previously paid for the 2020 Bands of America season, please email Sarah McKinley at sarah.m@musicforall.org.

If your selections cost more than you previously paid, we will be in touch to settle your balance.



Note: Refunds will be returned via the method they were paid. If the payment was made using a personal credit card and later reimbursed, please contact sarah.m@musicforall.org. Refunds will be processed by December 31, 2020. 

Payment Information

Initial communication of the next steps for your selections will be sent by September 4.


Live Showcase: September 30, 2020

Remote Feedback: 
-Submit by October 15 for feedback by October 20
-Submit by October 30 for feedback by November 5
-Submit by November 15 for feedback by November 20

Student and Staff Workshops: Open enrollment until October 30, 2020 to allow for the scheduling of your offering

Complete registrations received on or before the designated registration date of September 30 will be given priority scheduling. A complete registration consists of a completed application, payment, and a signed consent form. After September 30, performance times, if available, will be based on the submission date of the application, with the earlier submissions receiving the more preferred performance time. 

All cancellations must be made in writing on official school or band letterhead. If you cancel prior to October 5, 2020, you will forfeit half of your registration fee. If you cancel, for any reason, after October 5, 2020, the full fee is due, and there is NO REFUND. All refunds under this policy will be made by December 31, 2020.