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Mahalo for helping us BEAT DEBRIS and sharing your marine debris data with us. These results will help HMAR determine the hot spots on the island for marine debris and track the biggest threats to Oahu's marine wildlife. Any information you are able to give us is very helpful but only the (*) fields are required, so please do the best you can! 
Basic Information

Dive Conditions
This section is where you will share with us the environmental conditions of your dive. If possible, please fill this out to the best of your ability through estimation. Your answers will help us be the more effective at accomplishing our mission! Mahalo! 

Marine Debris Data
After you've collected your marine debris, please complete the rest of this form to the best of your ability. You can estimate if needed. It is preferred that the debris be dried out before measuring but it's ok if you aren't able to do that!

For the following metrics, please enter numbers without their units.

Enter the estimated length of the fishing line collected in FEET. (Use numbers only, ex. 145).

Additional Information
Please share any information you think may be useful for us to better understand marine debris patterns in Hawaii.

Examples: weather events (such as a hurricane warning happened the day before), unique items (a tire was found), fishing activity (this location had 50+ fishers nearby), entangled animals you observed interacting with marine debris, or any other information you feel is valuable.

Mahalo nui loa for your marine debris removal dive! Your help in cleaning up debris helps us keep Hawaii's coastal waters safe for marine wildlife. If you share a photo on social media, please make sure to add the hashtag #BEATDEBRISHawaii