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It is important to remember some people can pass on the virus before they develop symptoms, or never have symptoms despite being infectious. Despite everyone's best efforts, these cannot be screened out delivery.

If a player is showing symptoms of the virus, or has been in contact/living in a household with someone displaying symptoms, or had a positive test result within the last two weeks, then they should stay at home until a NHS practitioner advises them they no longer need to remain in isolation.

Any player who has COVID-19 symptoms should be cleared by their own doctor before returning to activity.

If symptoms resume, or players feel unwell or have persistent tiredness on return to activity they should consult their own doctor again.

If none of the above apply, players can attend activity sessions. 

Self-checks before attending an activity

In the instance that the participant is under 18 years of age, this must be read and confirmed by a parent or guardian. 

Self-checks are very important in identifying who has possible symptoms of COVID-19 infection, as this helps reduce those with the infection attending football activity and transmitting the infection to other. This quick check should be done before each training session so those who trigger a positive answer, can stay away to protect everyone.

Each participant should self-screen prior to arrival at training to ensure they do not have any of the following symptoms (confirmed by a parent for those under age 18), as these are potential indicators of COVID-19 infection.
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