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Hi, my name is Nikki and I am the founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers.  My husband CPL Lee Scott was killed in Afghanistan in 2009 and as I witnessed the effects Lee's death had on our two young children, I realised pretty quickly that there was very little support in place for bereaved British forces children and young people. I wanted this to change. I wanted to make sure they had access to the very best support so Scotty’s Little Soldiers was born. 
The Springboard programme has been designed to support bereaved forces young adults between 18-25 years of age.  The programme will provide you with the life skills to move forward, career opportunities, access to a range of grants, and a chance to mentor the younger bereaved Scotty Members.  

We recognise that turning 18 is a huge milestone in a young person’s life. You may have finished your education journey and might be looking to start work.  You might be starting further education, training or looking to start a family of your own. What ever it is, Scotty’s wants to be there to support you in this next chapter. 

If you are aged between 18 and 25 years and have experienced the death of a parent who has served in the British Armed Forces, please complete the form below. 
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Emergency Contact Details

Fallen Heroes Details
We are sorry to have to ask such personal questions in this section.  We know how painful it can be but it is important that we have this information.  Please try to fill in as much as possible.  Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers to the questions just answer as much as you possibly can.

If your parent was a veteran at the time of their death, please answer the following three questions as best as you can.
Veterans Details

Document Request
As a registered charity we are governed by strict criteria agreed with the Charity Commission which we have to operate within so we do need to ask for some documents.  Please do not worry if you do not have access to all the documents as we may be able to help but please bear in mind this may slow the application process down.  
You can either upload copies of the documents here or send a photo of them to the Families Team mobile on: 07741162132
We need to see evidence for the following:  

  • Proof of Identity: Please send us a photo of a letter, bill or document that shows your name, current address and is dated within the last 6 months.  
  • Proof of Death: A death certificate or coroners certificate
  • Proof of relationship: your birth certificate showing your fallen heroes name.  If you are the adopted child or a step child please do not worry, one of the team will get in touch once we receive your membership form. 

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is a registered charity reliant entirely on charitable donations to continue to support bereaved British Forces children and young people.  Given that we use charitable donations to support the children and young people, it is essential we have written confirmation that any new Members/Springboarders are eligible for membership. Please print your name and date to confirm all the information on this form is correct and you are eligible for membership.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers follow the principles for GDPR and its our priority to keep all information safe.  Scotty’s invested in one of the most sophisticated and safe platforms in the world, even the Whitehouse use the same system so your information is kept nice and safe.  If you would like to read our data protection policy which is located in our Safeguarding Policy please just get in touch as we are more than happy to share this with you.
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