Membership Application Form and Pledge Form
Wedding Venues Support Group Ltd (WVSG) has been incorporated as a not for profit company limited by Members guarantees, to mount a legal challenge to the updated CMA Guidance. The background is set out in this Flyer. 

Progress to date.

Over 170 venues have joined the Company and pledged over £60,000. This has
been used to instruct our solicitors and QC to deliver Target One outlined in the Flyer.

Further Funding.
New Applicants joining now will receive the full benefits of Target One legal advice and defences, and their subscriptions will be used to fund, for the benefit of all Members,
Target Two, a Wedding Industry Standard Contract based on Counsel’s expert opinion, designed to be authoritative and CMA proof. It will be adaptable to individual Venue circumstances.

Please complete the following Membership Application Form, £10 Guarantee, and pledge to subscribe £350 to fund further legal instructions. You will receive confirmation of Application once registered and approved, together with details of WVSG bank account and request for payment.

How this form works:

The first page captures the core information for your membership application.
Pages 2 and 3 are your e-letters to represent your conditional membership application and pledge and templates of these are available here:
Please enter your address on Page 2. Page 3 does not require any data entry.

Articles of Association for WVSG and Privacy information are also available here

Your application is only processed when you submit on the page 3 having reviewed the letters and you will be asked to e-sign the document to confirm.

Your application will be briefly reviewed and then a confirmation email will be sent. This is a manual process so please give us time to complete this.

Further details can be found at www.wvsg.org and any questions can be sent to info@wvsg.org

Format www.wvsg.org . . . Please do not include http://


Invitation to apply for Membership of Wedding Venues Support Group Ltd (the Company) and Provisional Pledge to subscribe to CMA Legal Challenge


Provisional Applications for Membership by Venue Businesses, including Limited Companies, Partnerships and Sole Traders should provide the following information

Ltd. Co. / Sole trade / Partnership; 

·         If a limited company, the name, and registration number of their company. 

·         If a partnership, details of nominated partner. 

·         If a sole trader, name, and business name.


Provisional Membership application should include provisional Pledge to subscribe to £350 (or the amount noted below for companies representing multiple venues) to the CMA Legal Challenge and agree to provide a Guarantee of £10 when Membership is accepted.


 Wedding Venues Support Group Ltd is a company limited by guarantee. As such, it has members rather than shareholders, who are each entitled to:

·         Receive a copy of the company’s annual accounts.

·         Attend general meetings and cast a vote.

·         Elect directors by voting at the members’ meeting.

·         Vote on any significant changes to the company, its purpose, its name or how any profit is applied.


Any profit made by the company will be retained as a contribution towards the cost of activities in future years. You will not, therefore, be entitled to receive any dividend or other distribution from the company, including if the company is wound up, except that if there is a surplus of subscriptions for legal advice it will be returned to Members pro rata to their subscriptions.


The company’s constitution is contained in the articles of association, its rules and by-laws. A copy of the articles, privacy policy and the other rules made to date are available at www.wvsg.org. If the company is wound up, the maximum you commit to paying towards the company’s debts is £10. This is the guarantee you would make upon becoming a member, as described in the articles of association, and applies for the time you are a member and 12 months thereafter.


The background to the Legal Challenge to CMA can be found at www.wvsg.org


If you wish to apply for provisional Membership, please complete, e-sign and date the following Provisional PledgePlease do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.


Yours sincerely


Signed P Paxman


If for any reason no amount is provided please ensure you have entered a number for your venue count and if still a problem, contact us at info@wvsg.org
The Directors

Wedding Venues Support Group Ltd

Dear Sirs / Madams

Provisional Application for Membership of Wedding Venues Support Group Ltd (the Company) and Provisional Pledge to CMA Legal Challenge

I/We the undersigned of the above address, wish to make provisional Application to apply to become a Member of the above company and agree to be bound by the provisions of the company’s articles of association, its rules and by-laws. I/We also make a provisional Pledge to subscribe £350 (or the amount previously stated for multiple venue companies) to the cost of the CMA Legal Challenge. This provisional Application and provisional Pledge are made on condition that the Target of not less than 150 Applications and Pledges are received by the Company, and that provisional Applications and Pledges will be released without charge if the Target is not reached

I agree to guarantee the debts of the company up to a maximum amount of £10 if the company is wound up while I am a member and for a period of up to 12 months after my membership ends.

Subject to my application being successful, I authorise you to enter my name in the company’s register of members.

Yours faithfully