PPC Webinar Series

If you wish to participate in any of our upcoming webinars, please complete the registration form below.  Those registering for 4 or more webinars will receive a 25% discount. Discounts are also available for groups of 5 or more.


  Webinar Registration Fees

CE Registration Fees



(5 - 10)
$150 per groupGroup rate includes up to 5 CE registrations.
Additional CE registrations are $30 per person.
(11 - 50)
$300 per group
Group rate includes up to 11 CE registrations.
Additional CE registrations (up to 20) are $25 per person.
Additional CE registrations beyond 20 (up to 50) are $20 per person.


Rates shown indicate the price per webinar. 

All individuals and groups registering for 4 or more webinars in the series will receive a 25% discount on the registration total.  

Continuing Education is offered in partnership with CSU Shiley Institute for Palliative Care.


Our series welcomes and encourages all participants, so specialized degrees or training are not required to participate. However, it helps us to know the makeup of our audience for future planning purposes.
Hold the Ctrl key on Windows machines or the Command key on Mac to make multiple selections.

Please indicate which webinars you wish to attend below. For each selected webinar, please indicate whether you wish to register for continuing education credit.

For other disciplines seeking CE credit, click on Non-Credit option and you will receive an evaluation and attendance certificate to self report CE credit.

For group registrations, please designate a coordinator to whom we can send any additional follow up instructions.

To receive an invoice and pay by check, contact Joan: info@ppcwebinars.org
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