BSV Returning Volunteers Ready for Distance Learning     2020-21

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This form is for Returning BSV volunteers only who are interested in supporting distance learning in the 2020-21 school year.  (NOTE: All 2019-20 volunteers communicated your intentions to BSV via the Spring Survey, but since many of you have contacted me more recently to change your minds, I'm re-sending to ALL - just in case!) 

If you are NOT interested in volunteering this year, please email me directly  ( and I will remove you from this year's roster.

During distance learning, BSV is looking for volunteers who
  • have reliable, high-speed internet (ie streaming videos usually occurs without interruptions)
  • are tech-friendly (don't have to be an expert, but some facility and lots of interest is helpful!)
  • are willing to learn new tools and platforms 
  • are self-reliant (can problem-solve on your own, without always relying on the teacher)
  • are willing to be flexible in how they support learning in BUSD this year 
Supporting distance learning WILL LOOK DIFFERENTLY this year. Volunteers may be asked to do some of the following (though support will be provided):
  • Support small groups or individual students in Zoom breakout rooms
  • Support the teacher as a second adult "in the room" during live Zoom sessions 
  • Take attendance (perhaps on a hand-held device) during live Zoom sessions
  • Monitor the "chat bar" (highlighting questions or comments during class discussion)
  • Use reaction icons (like applause or thumbs up) to reinforce student contributions during discussions
  • Work the Zoom "door" (helping the teacher troubleshoot students' tech challenges as they enter class)
  • Review and provide specific praise for student work in Google Classroom
Distance learning also demands additional security measures to ensure the safety of students, staff and volunteers, including:
  • All BSV volunteers interacting with students online must clear a DOJ/FBI fingerprint/background check before starting their volunteer work
  • All BSV volunteers will e-sign an updated Volunteer Contract (below) specific to distance learning
  • All BSV volunteers will receive tech training that includes online protocols and security practices
  • Host Teachers will be sharing a new BSV Notification to Families (explaining how volunteer support in the online classroom will work)
  • Host Teachers will be hosting all Zoom sessions themselves (rather than volunteers)
  • Host Teachers will recording Zoom sessions (where volunteers are solo in breakout rooms)
We know this is a lot, and it's not for everyone. But if you're up for the challenge, we could really use your time, expertise and passion. More importantly, so could the students!

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Personal Information

Name you'd prefer on your 2020-21 BSV Name Badge*, if different than above:

*BSV will ONLY be printing name badges IF we return to school sites, post-COVID. 

Berkeley Schools Volunteers recognizes that name and gender identity are central to most individuals' sense of self and well-being, and that it is important for us to establish systems that acknowledge and support individuals' self-identification.

Please verify or update the contact information (if necessary) that we have on file for you.

Please include your apartment number and/or building name, if applicable.

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2020-21 BSV Placement 

while BSV still asks for your grade and subject area preferences (for placement), we ask that you remain flexible and support in whatever ways the students and teachers most need. It's a tricky all-hands-on-deck kind of year for sure! We hugely appreciate your flexibility.

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UPDATED!  BSV Volunteer Contract for Distance Learning

BSV Volunteer Contract for Distance Learning, 2020-21

This Volunteer Contract will be considered valid under ‘distance learning,’ and ‘hybrid’ (distanced learning + in-person support) model conditions, as determined by BUSD.

Section I: Qualifications & Screening

To be authorized to volunteer in BUSD, you must:

  • Provide required documentation in the form of a government-issued photo ID

  • Be cleared to serve, including clearing an FBI/DOJ Live Scan background check/fingerprinting (for those working with students online)

  • Provide proof of medical vaccinations (for specific placements only, as required by the California Education Code) (In-person only)

  • Be at least 16 years of age by the first day of volunteering (or submit a signed Minor Permission Form if under age 18)

  • Be able to commit to 1-2 hours of volunteering weekly for the entire school year (unless otherwise arranged with BSV staff)

    Section II: Code of Conduct

    Volunteers should:

    • Identify themselves to BUSD students and families as a Berkeley Schools Volunteer.

    • Respect the diversity of Berkeley’s students and staff, including one’s race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical condition/disability status, religious beliefs, political afflictions, veteran or marital status.

    • Respect the school dress code, even in digital spaces, including but not limited to no clothing with logos depicting drugs, tobacco, alcohol, anything sexually suggestive, or anything involving a racial/ethnic slur.

    • Volunteer only under the supervision of their assigned BUSD Host Teacher.

    • Be punctual and consistent for all volunteer commitments.

    • Discuss any planned absences in advance with their Host Teacher.

    • Immediately refer discipline issues to their Host Teacher.

    • Regard any information learned as a volunteer as confidential and share only with school staff as appropriate.

    • Confidentially pass on knowledge or suspicion of child abuse and/or any challenges or concerns for students’ success or welfare to their Host Teacher, or designated staff.

    • Let BSV know immediately if they are unable to continue with their volunteer commitment, or if they change Host Teachers/placements.

    • Complete BSV’s annual spring volunteer survey to give BSV feedback on the program.

    • Update their contact information annually with BSV, as well as notify BSV of their intent to return for the following year.

    • (If in-person only) Wear their current year BSV Name Badge at all times on BUSD campuses.

    Volunteers should not:

    • Engage in any political or religious instruction, activities, or conduct

    • Engage in non-BUSD supervised contact with students, including texting, phoning, emailing, social media connecting, or meeting off-campus (unless approved/supervised by parents and Host Teacher as non-school related contact, such as private tutoring).

    • Photograph or post pictures/video of students without written parent and school staff permission.

    • Make any suggestive or inappropriate comments, jokes

    • (In-person only) Volunteer while ill, or with knowledge of positive testing for contagious diseases (i.e. COVID-19 or Tuberculosis, etc.).

    • (In-person only) Be under the influence of (or smell like) alcohol, marijuana, or other illegal substances.

    • (In-person only) Use electronic devices (including cell phones and music players) while working with students.

    • (In-person only) Remove students from the direct supervision of the BUSD Host Teacher or from the school campus.

    • (In-person only) Physically discipline students or use hands to redirect a student.

    • (In-person only) Transport students in a vehicle (unless BUSD approved and supervised, as on a school field trip).

    Section III: BSV Policies

    I understand and agree…

    • I am not an employee of the BSV or BUSD and I volunteer my services in an “at will” capacity.

    • BUSD has the right to revoke my volunteer privileges at any time without prior notification or warning, in conformity with its liability and safety policies.

    • Any breach of the above commitments may result in my dismissal from any and all BUSD schools.

    I meet the listed qualifications, understand the above expectations and restrictions, and will contact BSV if anything changes with my volunteer placement, my health in relation to communicable diseases, or my legal status related to felony convictions. I accept the appointment of School Volunteer in a BUSD school for the 2020-21 school year.

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    Volunteer Trainings

    Tech Training for Distance Learning Volunteers

    All Distance Learning volunteers are required to attend a 2-hour Distance Learning for Volunteers tech training prior to being (re)matched with a BUSD Host Teacher. Tech trainings will cover BUSD's primary instructional platforms (including Google Classroom, SeeSaw (Tk-2), and Zoom, as well as online etiquette and BSV safety protocols. 

    Ongoing Equity Trainings

    BSV will also be providing various equity trainings throughout the school year for our volunteer community. We ask that every BSV volunteer commit to attending at least one in our equity series. Equity trainings will likely occur on Zoom. Stay tuned for dates. 
    NEW! One-time Volunteering Opportunities

    Thank you for stepping up to this year's Distance Learning challenges! Our students need your support! 

    Here's what happens next: 
    • We will send you the Zoom link for the tech training you registered for the week prior. 
    • Once you've completed the tech training, we'll start your matching process. 
    • When we know for sure you have a match, we'll do an email introduction to the Host Teacher. 
    • Then we'll send you to be fingerprinted. 
    • While we wait for your results to come in, you and your Host Teacher will hold your (virtual) First Meeting.
    • Your Host Teacher will also send out BSV's Notification to Families about volunteer support. 
    • Once you're officially cleared, we'll notify you both and then you're free to join class! 
    And as always, please reach out with any questions: