SYO 2021 Summer School - HSC Preparatory Program 

Summer School 2021
 HSC PREP 2021

The SYO HSC Preparatory Program is a focused series of lectures/workshops designed to inspire, educate and engage any students preparing for students in year 10, 11 or 12 in 2021.


Led by NSW Music educators and long-time HSC markers, this program will cover areas of theory and practice that relate specifically to the NSW HSC Music 2 curriculum. Participants can expect to receive intense training on theory, composition, essay writing, thesis development and constructive performance critique. 


This program is open to all students enrolled in or soon to be enrolled in NSW HSC Music 2. This program is also open to students who are undertaking Music Extension. 


Program Dates

Monday 18 January - Thursday 21 January 2021, 3:00pm - 6:00pm. Enrolment in this program requires 100% attendance. Partial enrolment is not permitted. 


Venue/Program Delivery

Santa Sabina College, 90 The Boulevard, Strathfield or via Zoom for remote/at home learning (note that students participating online will fore-go live participation in the instrumental performance aspects of the course).



The fee for HSC Preparatory Program as a stand alone course is $200.00 plus a $4 booking fee. If you are interested in enrolling as a full-time SYO 2021 Summer School instrumental participant and combining this with the HSC Preparatory Program, please enrol here.


Contact SYO on 02 9251 2422 or at for more information. 

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HSC Program               $200.00      4 Day Afternoon Theory Program (+$4 booking fee) 

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If name provided does not exactly match the voucher, you are unable to redeem the value

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