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We’re so happy you’d like to apply for a mentor!

Our top tips:
  • For guidance on how to complete the application form click here. To read our FAQs click here.
  • You can save your progress at any point – just click ‘Save my progress and resume later‘.
  • It’s possible to complete the form using a mobile or tablet, but you will find it easier using a computer or laptop.
Please contact our team on mentoring@arts-emergency.org if you have any other issues filling out the form below. We are very friendly and always happy to help!
Your Contact Information

Application Route

If you heard about this opportunity outside of school another way, e.g. from a friend, through social media or an organisation or youth group, select No.
Tell Us About Yourself!

If you don’t see your school/organisation on the list please go back and select ‘no'.

If you don’t see your school/organisation on the list please go back and select ‘no'.

If you don’t see your school/organisation on the list please go back and select ‘no'.

If you don’t see your school/organisation on the list please go back and select ‘no'.

Tell Us About Yourself!

Please note that if you are under 18, you must be based in or near London, Manchester, Merseyside or Thanet to be considered for the mentoring programme.

Tell us what your interests are!

 Mentoring Preferences

Mentoring usually happens face to face (Covid-19 depending). We can, however, offer you the option of online mentoring. Please indicate below if you have a preference:

Eligibility Criteria

Please tick all that apply to you, you must tick at least one to be eligible for a mentor.  

If you are not sure which of the eligibility criteria below apply to you, please speak to your teacher or contact Arts Emergency on mentoring@arts-emergency.org

Arts Emergency will most likely not be able to offer you a mentor if none of the statements below apply to you. If you're connected to a school we will ask your teacher to confirm the information you have submitted. If you are not connected to a school, we will request information from a parent or other adult.

*You’re disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities
If you have not ticked any of the criteria above and are unsure about your eligibility for the mentoring programme you can tell us a bit about what barriers you’ve faced and how a mentor would benefit you in the box below. Or you can request a phone call to talk about it with one of our team over the phone. If you choose to request a phone call you will hear back from us within a week.


This section is optional – you can fill it in if you feel it’s relevant; if not leave blank.

Do you have any learning difficulties, mental health issues, accessibility issues, medical conditions or other long-term conditions that Arts Emergency and your mentor should know about in order to make sure we support you in the best way possible? If so, please specify below giving as much detail as possible. Letting us know about these does not affect our selection process, it allows us to better support you during the mentoring programme. This section is optional – you can fill it in if you feel it’s relevant; if not leave blank.

Network Questions
This part of the application help us measure how well our programmes work. Your answers will make NO difference to whether or not you are accepted on to the programme.
Someone I might see a few times a year (not being a family member or a teacher) Someone I see at least once a month (not being a family member or a teacher) A member of my family A teacher I don’t know anyone who could help me with this

Who do you know?
Please have a look at the list of jobs below.  If you know any adults who work in any of the listed jobs, please indicate with a tick how well you know them.
Someone I might see a few times a year Someone I see at least once a month A member of my family I don't know anyone who does this job

Monitoring (Equality and Diversity)


Parental Permission

In this section, we ask for the contact details of various people for the following reasons:

  • If you are under 18, we will ask your parents to give you permission to take part in the Arts Emergency programme and let us know if you are comfortable being photographed

  • We will also ask them to confirm that you are eligible for the programme based on the eligibility criteria you submitted in this application.

  • We will use these details to contact your emergency contact if there was ever an incident that required us to do so.

If you are under 18 and there is a reason why your parent/guardian can’t give you permission, there is an option to tell us more about why that is below. We will still need an emergency contact.

Please provide the contact details of your parent/guardian/carer .

Please enter their full address:

Please nominate a teacher, social worker, lecturer, carer, sibling or older family member who would be happy to confirm you are eligible for support based on the criteria explained earlier in the application.

Please enter their full address:

Emergency Contact
Please let us know who your emergency contact is:

Interview Confirmation
We meet every young person who joins our mentoring programme for a 15 minute chat via phone or video call, it’s an informal interview where we learn more about you and you’ll be able to ask questions and learn more about mentoring.

If you have applied via a partner school, you will have your interview arranged through a teacher. If you have applied via another route, your interview will take place in October half term, Mon 26th - Friday 30th October.

How did you hear about us?

If selected, you will be asked to commit to meeting your mentor at least once a month for the duration of the mentoring programme. 

Data Protection

How we use your information

The information collected in this form is used to process your application, look for a suitable mentor, and contact you about mentoring and opportunities.  We won’t share it with anyone else except in cases that are essential to taking part and that you’ve agreed to, e.g. introducing you to your mentor.  You can read our full Privacy Policy here.