Application to Name or Create an MPSA Award or Scholarship

MPSA awards and scholarships should be named after highly distinguished scholars who have made significant contributions to the discipline. It is also in the interest of the MPSA, and the profession, to consider the diversity of profiles represented in the MPSA's set of awards and scholarships. Those considered for a naming honor should have sound reputations with respect to their character and research.

Several current awards are not yet named, and new awards may be created. Awards may be created or renamed for the Field, Subfield, and Career Stage categories with preference given to emeritus, retired (or not active), or non-living scholars with the understanding that under exceptional circumstances, and upon review by the Committee on Awards, these awards may be named after non-emeritus, non-retired (and/or active) living scholars.* New Flagship Awards could potentially also be created, with the same criteria. View current MPSA awards here.

*If a Field, Subfield, or Career Stage Award is to be named or renamed for a living, non-emeritus individual, preliminary approval should be sought from the Committee on New Awards prior to soliciting pledges to ensure the award meets the criteria for final approval.

Graduate Student Travel Scholarships may be created and should be named for scholars with sound reputation and character. View current Graduate Student Travel Scholarships here.

The funding level recipients receive for Field and Subfield (“Best Paper”) Awards is $250 and for Conference Travel Scholarships is $500. Career Stage Awards vary in funding levels.

One award or travel scholarship will be granted each year, unless otherwise indicated on the form below. Please note this will impact the funding commitment levels of donations required to establish the award.

The five-person Committee on Awards reviews nominations to create new awards and scholarships or rename established awards. The committee will forward their recommendation to the MPSA Council that takes note of all relevant factors. The Council will vote on the committee recommendation at the next upcoming MPSA Council Meeting (either in the spring or fall).

Payment by credit card.
 If you select that you would like to pay with a credit card, an MPSA staff member will contact you in order to make a payment.

Payment by check. If paying by check, please mail your check to:

885 S College Mall Road #382
Bloomington, IN 47401