Application to Name or Create an MPSA Award

MPSA awards can be named after highly distinguished scholars who have made significant contributions. It is in the interest of the MPSA, and the profession, to consider the diversity of profiles represented in the MPSA’s set of awards. Those considered for a naming honor must have sound reputations with respect to their character and research.

Several current awards are not yet named, and new awards may be created. Nominations may be made to name Flagship, Field, Subfield, and Career Stage Awards, as well as new Graduate Student Travel Scholarships. View current MPSA awards here and Graduate Student Travel Scholarships here.

The funding levels for a naming honor are as follows: Flagship, Field, Subfield and Career Stage awards are $250 (and include a plaque for the winner) and Graduate Student Travel Scholarships are $500.

A five-person ad hoc Committee on Naming Awards will evaluate applications to create new awards and name current MPSA awards after distinguished scholars in the discipline. The committee will forward their recommendation to the Executive Council of the MPSA which will then vote on their recommendation at the next MPSA Council Meeting (either during the spring or fall Council meeting).

You may make a payment either by check or credit card payment. If paying by check, please mail your check to:

885 S College Mall Road #382
Bloomington, IN 47401

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