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In order to participate in this training, it is important to come prepared with the following:

  • A laptop, desktop computer, or tablet.

  • Camera, speakers, microphone, and keyboard.

  • Uninterrupted cellular service or WiFi.

  • The Zoom desktop client Version 5.3.1 installed on your device.

  • A quiet and distraction free space to work in with a bit of room for some physical activities.

  • Black pen or pencil.

  • Oil pastels or crayons.

  • Colored markers (wide-tip are ideal).

  • A couple sheets of large drawing paper (18″X22″ is a good size). If these aren’t accessible to you, tape smaller sheets of paper together.

  • 8½ x 11 paper or a journal for writing.

  • Optional: Musical instruments, costumes, scarves…

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Registration Fee and Payment

The fees for our two-day Creative Facilitation training are organized on a sliding scale in order to ensure equal access to individuals from institutions of all sizes. When registering, participants are asked to identify their affiliation thereby choosing the registration fee that best fits their situation.

The fees are in US dollars and the rate applies to North American trainings only.

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After submitting this registration form, you will receive instructions for making your payment through PayPal. You registration is not complete until payment is made.
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Policies and Permissions

Photo Permission

Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE) sometimes uses photos, screenshots, or video recordings from our trainings for promotional materials for PYE programs, events, and activities. 

Privacy Policy

Your contact information collected here will be stored indefinitely in our registration system as part of your transcript with Partners for Youth Empowerment. Click for details, Privacy Policy.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

This Creative Facilitation 1 training is considered a 'two-day training' for the purposes of this policy. Refunds and cancellations are available up to a certain date minus a $50 registration fee. Click for details, Refund and Cancellation Policy,

After submitting this form and making your payment, you will receive an email the the next steps to getting the link to join the workshop on Zoom.