MPSA Membership Application - Developing Nations Scholars

About the Program

To encourage broad participation in the Association, the Midwest Political Science Association is offering a limited number of complimentary two-year electronic memberships to developing nations political science scholars residing and working/attending a university in their home country; this country must qualify as a developing nation ( for a complete list) as defined by the World Bank for the 2015 fiscal year. 

This program will allow access to MPSA membership benefits including electronic access to the American Journal of Political Science, the association’s monthly electronic newsletter, eligibility for MPSA conference scholarships and other member benefits for a period of twenty-four months. 

Eligibility Requirements


  • You are eligible for a Developing Nation Scholarship if you are currently residing and working/attending a university in your home country that falls within the Developing Nation list above.


  • Scholars originally from the developing world who are:
    • Current faculty or graduate student in a developed world (such as the US)
    • Living in a developed world for any other reason (family attending college, etc)
  • Scholars from the developed world who are temporarily located in one of the developing countries such as Fulbright Scholars.
  • Undergraduate students from a developing world.

How to Apply

To apply please c
omplete the following application. 


Your application will be reviewed by MPSA staff and successful applicants will be notified of a decision via email within one week. Membership benefits will start at the beginning of the following month.

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Scholarship Application

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