Conversation Project Host Application

Thanks for your interest in hosting a Conversation Project program. Not all requests may be approved. You will receive notice of approval or refusal via email from an Oregon Humanities staff person with information about our decision.


Event Contact Person

2021 Conversation Project Catalog

Each organization may apply for up to 3 events.  After you have made your first selection, if you would like to choose another, click the blue link at the bottom right of this box. 

Please enter how much (between $0 and $600) your organization can pay per program if we move forward with your application. Think about your organization's budget and size to choose the rate that works for you at this time. The amount you can pay will not affect whether your application is approved. Most organizations pay at least $50. If your organization can afford to, paying a higher amount allows us to continue to make these programs accessible to smaller organizations.

Enter just the Amount, with no $ sign.

Please answer a few more questions.

Your organization will be responsible for set-up, outreach, and production of these virtual conversations on Zoom Meeting or a similar platform that allows small group breakout rooms. Please choose one of the following: