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Welcome, Educators!

We are so excited to prepare you for your virtual exchange journey!

Reach the World (RTW) has been bringing the world into classrooms for over 20 years. To date, more than 1,200 travelers have shared their journeys online with more than 22,000 American youth! Reach the World is a nonprofit organization based in New York City that serves classrooms throughout the U.S., inspiring students to become curious, confident, and compassionate global citizens. Visit about.reachtheworld.org to learn more about Reach the World's programming.

Before you start your virtual exchange journey, we want to hear from you! Please answer some questions about you and your learning community to assist Reach the World in finding the best traveler match for your classroom.

Are you ready for an exciting adventure? Let's go!

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Tell Us About You!

If you are from outside the U.S./Canada, please select "Other"

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Reach the World, in partnership with the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust, is thrilled to announce the Endurance22 Expedition to Antarctica, the newest and largest virtual exchange expedition in organizational history! The Endurance22 Expedition will search for Sir Ernest Shackleton’s sunken ship, Endurance, the most famous undiscovered shipwreck in the world. For more information about this exciting free virtual exchange, visit https://explore.reachtheworld.org/

This school year, you can embark on virtual exchange journeys with travelers, explorers or both! One-to-one virtual exchange journeys are with college students or recent college graduates who will share their experiences abroad with your classroom on a one-to-one basis. These virtual exchanges last between six and 12 weeks and educators have the chance to work closely with their matched traveler to shape the traveler's experiences abroad into classroom content. Video calls between traveler and classroom typically take place privately on the platform that works best for both parties. One-to-many virtual exchange journeys are with scientists and other professionals on expeditions who will share their experiences abroad with your classrooms and others on a one-expedition-to-many-classrooms basis. Most of these virtual exchanges last between four and eight weeks, with a select few lasting longer. Reach the World connects classrooms with expeditions through livestreams and recorded, closed video calls to make them accessible to as many classrooms as possible

Reach the World offers teachers multiple journey opportunities and many options to customize their virtual exchange journey to meet each classroom's individual needs!
  • Wayfinder Journey: Access to the RTW journey library; invitations to join live and on-demand livestream events; and regular newsletters about upcoming events and opportunities.
  • Backpacker Journey: Everything in the Wayfinder Journey package, plus a match with a(n) traveler or explorer who will take you and your students on a virtual exchange journey.
  • Virtual Field Trip (One-to-Many Journey only) - Connect two or more of your classrooms with an explorer on a video call
  • On-Demand Experience  (One-to-Many Journey only) - Connect your classroom(s) with an explorer's concluded expedition
Reach the World also offers virtual and in-person (NYC only) support for classrooms taking part in virtual exchange journeys. Email educators@reachtheworld.org for pricing and more information

Some Reach the World programs are fee-based, but you may also be eligible for a discount/scholarship that partially or even fully eliminates the cost of RTW programming! A member of the RTW team will contact you to discuss how virtual exchange programming can fit any budget.

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Quick Self-Assessment
We want to assist you in making the most of your virtual exchange journey(s) with Reach the World! If you're new to us, please answer the following questions honestly so our staff can best support you and your students this school year.

Think of any experiences you’ve had (domestic or abroad) that have piqued your interest in global education. Please rate yourself on a scale of one to seven.
1: "I am just beginning my journey toward becoming a global citizen, and have not had any global experiences yet!” 7: "I am a global citizen and leader of global engagement in my personal and professional life!
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1: "I am just beginning my journey towards competence in virtual exchange, and have not had any virtual exchange experiences yet!”

7: "I am highly competent in virtual exchange and assist others in using virtual exchange to deepen their teaching practice!"

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Do you have access to...

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Please consider whether or not you will be teaching from your home, classroom or both this year when completing this question.
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Just A Few More Questions Before Departure!
Extra Credit: Help Reach the World bring the world into even more classrooms! We can only increase our impact through the support of educators like you.


Reach the World is a proud 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We expand our work and deepen our impact throughout North America through generous support from individuals, foundations, and corporate partners. Thanks to this generosity, many Reach the World virtual exchange programs are free to teachers!

In certain situations, we ask that partner educators pay a subsidized fee to help us defray the costs of delivering our program. If you choose a fee-based program, the RTW team will work with you to maximize the impact of our program while minimize the cost to you. As a nonprofit organization, we will never turn away a classroom due to budgetary constraints. Trust us, there is a way to fit Reach the World into any budget!

If you have specific questions about the program's cost or the billing process, please email educators@reachtheworld.org.