Volunteer Olympics Individual Sign Up Form

Join us on Saturday, September 12th for the HETRA Volunteer Olympics! 

This form is for INDIVIDUAL sign up only. Please use this link for team sign up https://www.tfaforms.com/4843886
The Volunteer Olympics is an exciting five event competition featuring many of the most important jobs our volunteers do at HETRA.  Teams of four will compete in one group event and each team member will compete in one of four remaining events.  Team members may only compete in one event for their team, i.e. one person completes leader portion, a different teammate completes tacking and so on.  A bonus team member may be added for a total of (5) team members without an entry fee, however the fifth team member must be an instructor assistant, aged 12-13.  A special consideration, as this fifth team member could be extremely beneficial as an extra set of hands during either the arena set-up event, or as a smaller rider for your EQ pusher event! 

All event scores will be combined and awards will be given to the top (3) teams.  Individual events will also be scored. Top teams and individuals will win prizes as well as a years worth of recognition on a dedicated “Volunteer Olympics” plaque.

All proceeds from this event with go towards our participant sponsorship program

Event descriptions are as follows: 
  • Arena Set-up:  A team event, set up the arena for a score of quickest time and accuracy. 
  • Leading:  One person from each team will lead a horse (of matched color level) through the arena obstacles. Complete this event for time and accuracy.  
  • Tacking:  One person from each team will be provided a tack set-up, retrieve tack, and tack horse for time and accuracy. 
  • EQ Pusher:  One person from each team will push EQ through an obstacle course. Remainder of team present as a rider, and (2) side walkers.  EQ pusher will be scored on time and accuracy. 
  • Stall Cleaning:  One person from each team will clean a stall and complete a wheelbarrow obstacle course for time and accuracy.  
Each team will be scheduled a 2 hour time slot occurring between 12:00-5:00 pm with an awards ceremony and happy hour in the arena following the event!  

Please join us to have a drink, enjoy a food truck and watch as your favorite instructor, therapist or HETRA staff gets PIED IN THE FACE.  The top 3 with the most money in their pot by September 12th will be pied.

Volunteer Olympics Individual Registration
Please select how many individual events you'd like to participate in and which ones down below. The first event you sign up for is $25 any after that are $10 each (Example if I sign up for 3 events $25+$10+$10=$45).  Keep in mind arena set up and EQ pusher can not be selected since they are team events. 

Credit Card Information
The cost to sign up for the Volunteer Olympics is $25.00 plus any extra events you chose to sign up for so. This will be added to any donation you chose to make for the pie in the face.