Blue Star Families is excited to partner with Our Military Kids to highlight an exciting grant opportunity for military families! Here's all the information you need on this special opportunity:


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Our Military Kids is committed to doubling funding of extracurricular activity grants for brave children so they continue to get the support and feel the gratitude they deserve. Effective immediately, Our Military Kids is rolling out changes to current grant programs to better support military families during this time, and it's proud to introduce "Honor-120"!


This COVID-19 response campaign will be in effect through Veterans Day to increase support for Guard and Reserve children whose parents have served our great nation for 120 days overseas or, for the first time in our history, in 120-day stateside activations. Grant efforts include:


  • Activity Grants for 120-Day Stateside Activations: For the first time since the organization was founded, Our Military Kids is offering activity grants for up to $300 to eligible children of service members activated stateside in response to COVID-19 efforts or the Southwest Border Mission. These service members will have a minimum requirement of 120 aggregated days on their service orders before Veterans Day for their children to be eligible.

  • Second Activity Grant for 120-Day Overseas Deployments: To increase support for the children whose parents are deployed overseas with the National Guard or Reserves, Our Military Kids will offer a SECOND activity grant for up to $300 per eligible child. These service members will have a minimum requirement of 120 days on their orders and must still be deployed overseas at the time of application. Families who have not yet applied for their grant(s) during this deployment will be able to apply for a total of two grants per child before Veterans Day 2020.

  • Military Child Age Requirements: Our Military Kids is accepting grant applications for three- and four-year-old children of deployed National Guard or Reserve members as well as those of severely injured service members or veterans. This update expands the existing grant program to support military children, ages 3-18, through Veterans Day 2020.

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