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1,000 Young Leader Good Faith Agreement

PLI's 1,000 Young Leaders seeks to train and invest in multiplying missional leaders. 

To achieve this mission, PLI 1,000 Young Leaders utilizes a Good Faith Agreement. This agreement creates a covenant relationship, made in good faith, between you and PLI 1,000 Young Leaders. This agreement describes what you can expect from PLI 1,000 Young Leaders and gives you the opportunity to commit to your participation and financial investment. We enter this covenant together based on our faith in Jesus Christ and our mutual desire to see vibrantcommunitiesdeeper connections and wider influence for the sake of the Gospel.   

PLI's 1,000 Young Leaders commits to provide you with

  • Highly supportive, intentional coaching groups which provide leadership development, hope, direction, problem-solving and practical steps of implementation for each individual context.  
  • Weekly online content and practices created and presented by teachers in their area of expertise and/or experience.
  • Meaningful relationships through our yearly immersion experience, unique coaching, and access to all of our experience and resources.
  • Space to create and implement a leadership and missional plan, unique to your context (community, church, and home) to achieve your Spirit-led goals.
  • Support and coaching around leading you through the Younique experience as you discover, understand, deepen, and start to implement your identity and purpose into your daily mission.

As a participant, you are committing to

  • Engage wholeheartedly in the online platform/community and coaching.
  • Implement your Spirit-led goals and practice within your context and community.
  • Honor your financial commitment to PLI 1,000 Young Leaders. If your church or others come alongside you financially, please have those gifts made out to you and your tuition paid through the personal account you set up.
  • Cover your costs for travel, ground transportation, lodging and some meals out for the yearly immersion.


This covenant begins with your registration fee and completion of the registration page. This covenant concludes upon your completion of PLI 1,000 Young Leaders and upon making your final payment. We hope that all participants can complete the entire 1,000 Young Leader experience, but we also understand that unique circumstances arise. If you feel the need to end your participation in PLI 1,000 Young Leaders please contact Phil or Kyrie Klopke, 1,000 Young Leader Co-Directors. Please acknowledge your understanding of and commitment to this covenant by typing your initials in the box below.

I hereby confirm that I have read, fully understand and commit to this Good Faith Agreement and the financial investment. I, in good faith, agree to fulfill this covenant to the best of my ability.


Registration & Tuition

Registration Fee
This one-time, non-refundable $100 registration fee, due today, holds a spot for you (and your teammate, if applicable) in 1,000 Young Leaders.

Tuition Commitment
Tuition is $50 per person per month for the 10 month journey and will start the first month of your cohort.



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We'll send out an email prior to the start of your cohort to set up monthly tuition payments.


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Please make your check payable to: PLI

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