Youth Fall Program Registration Fall 2020

Program Details

Youth Fall Program Registration Fall 2020

Get ready for a Fall full of meaning and fun!

We are offering several exciting programs for our Youth!

Youth Programs
Float On
Alternative Tashlich: Fly Away
Mon / Sep 21 / 5:30 pm / Gr 3–5
It’s a bird, it’s a (paper) plane! Tashlich marks the opportunity to throw away your wrongdoings from the past before entering into a new way. This year we will reflect and let them fly away.

Waste Away
Alternative Tashlich: Talk Trash with @TheTrashWalker, Anna Sacks
Thu / Sep 24 / 6:00 pm / Gr 6–8
Reflect on how we have harmed the planet and learn from a waste expert on how we can reduce our carbon footprint to make things better. 

Sukkot Sweets
Welcoming & Tasty: Edible Sukkah Making Competition
Wed / Oct 6 / 5:00 pm / Gr 3–4
What is made of natural materials, at least 3 walls, has lots of shade, is a great place to hangout, AND is extra tasty? An edible sukkah! Build your own Sukkah Sweet Treat. Edible materials of your choosing required. 

Sukkat Sh'lomekha
Build a Sukkah Competition – Virtually!
Thu / Oct 7 / 5:00 pm / Gr 6–8
No outdoor space? No problem! Join with a buddy or go solo to build a virtual sukkah with using exciting new technology. Winner(s) will receive an exciting prize and have their creation featured on the Youth page of PAS’s website.

Extra Cheesy
Upper Crust – Pizza Making!
Sun / Oct 18 / 4:00 pm / All Youth
Enjoy a PAS staple from the comfort of your kitchen! We will make a pizza together and have a delicious treat to start our week. 

Unexpected Art
Found Object Art Projects with Chloe
Mon / Oct 19 / 4:00 pm / Gr 3–5
Some of the best art projects comes from using objects we have around us instead of “traditional” art supplies. Come with a messy workspace and be prepared for fun. 

Ghoul School
Ask the Rabbis: Do Jews Believe in Ghosts?
Fri / Oct 30 / 5:00 pm / Gr 3–5
Rabbi Witkovsky
Forget everything you've been told. Demons, ghosts, and monsters are out there and some of them are Jewish. Listen to Jewish folktales and discuss them with Rabbit Witkovsky. Prepare to be scared.  

Corpse Bride
Movie Night: “Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride”
Sat / Oct 31 / 7:00 pm / All Youth
Did you know that Tim Burton’s “The Corpse Bride” is based on a Jewish folktale? Bring popcorn, candy, watch the movie, and learn about its Jewish roots. 

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