Teen Fall Program Registration Fall 2020

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Teen Fall Program Registration Fall 2020

Get ready for a Fall full of meaning and fun!

We are offering several exciting programs for our Teens.

Teens Programs
Gen Z + The Election
Text Banking for a Difference
Sun / Oct 25 / 4:00 pm / All Teens
In partnership with Dayenu's Chutzpah 2020 and Jewish organizations around the country, meet with other teens to learn more about climate change and its impact on the election. Together you'll contact climate-concerned voters in key states and let them know what’s at stake.

Shirt Tales
Clothes Tell a Story: Protest and Fashion
Tue / Oct 27 / 6:00 pm / All Teens
Slogans, logos, pictures, and colors. Our clothes can reveal our social awareness, our politics, and our love for a university. Explore how fashion communicates a message to those around us with a special eye on Israeli fashion.

Sunday Series: #JewishPrivilege – Anti-Semitism and Social Media
Sun / Nov 1 / 3:00 pm / All Teens
Social media can provide a place for freedom of speech, but what happens when it brings in hate speech? How can we as a Jewish community combat hate through the online platforms we know and love.

Forgiveness Continued
Ethiopian Jewry – Sigd, Race, and Racism in Israel
Mon / Nov 16 / 6:00 pm / Gr 11–12
Only 150,000 individuals among the Israeli population of nearly 9 million, Ethiopian Jews face many challenges in Israel. Learn about them on the Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd, a holiday focused on repentance celebrated 50 days after Yom Kippur.

Beta Israel
Ethiopian Jewry in Israel
Tue / Nov 17 / 6:00 pm / Gr 8–10
Together with our special guest, explore the music, culture, and history of the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel and learn about Sigd, a unique holiday of Ethiopian Jews that is now recognized as a state holiday for all Israelis.

College Connection
What I Wish I Knew: College Freshman Reflections
Sun / Nov 29 / 3:00 pm / Gr 12
First-year college students home for Thanksgiving will share favorite college stories and answer some of your burning questions about college. 

Virtual Hanukkah Party and Latke Making
Thu / Dec 10 / 6:00 pm / All Teens
It’s not all potatoes and oil. Chef Jon Hartig and owner of JSquared food will teach us how to make Scallion Pancake latkes and other Chinese Food mashups for Hanukkah. Other surprises to come from our very own Pauline Zablow

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