Specialized Workshop

A How-To for Entrepreneur-Friendly Performance Feedback Systems
October 1st, 8:30 - 11:30 AM - On Zoom
Facilitated by: Performentor
When a business grows quickly, there’s a tremendous opportunity for high-performing people to stretch and take on leadership roles, sometimes for the first time. At this point in a company’s growth, there’s very little to no structure to anchor performance feedback, compensation, culture alignment, and performance-enhancement systems.How can a company introduce lite but effective systems that make it easier to create the performance and growth culture founders seek? This training covers the most important components of such a system, provides innovation-tested tools and resources, and most common challenges that get in the way of optimal team performance. 

Attendees will learn about and have an opportunity to practice the following components of an entrepreneur-friendly performance feedback system:
  1. Instilling a culture of continuous learning and growth. Importance of relating performance feedback to company purpose and values. How-to and common mistakes to avoid.
  2. The importance of regular feedback cycles in the form of 1-1s, informal ad hoc feedback, and/or written reviews. Feedback is for everyone. Why immediacy and consistency matter. Keeping the structure simple so it’s easy to keep up the habit.
  3. The qualities of optimally useful feedback-- both positive and constructive. Behavior-based,observational, specific to the role, and linked to purpose/values/role.
  4. Additional considerations when constructive feedback is serious and may lead to termination if not promptly resolved. Improvement plans and performance documentation for compliance.
  5. Beyond SMART goals-- what keeps people from success? Common mistakes with goal-setting and supporting systems that negatively impact individual and team performance.
  6. Gain experience recognizing common feedback errors, re-framing feedback helpfully, and practice delivery with attendees. Debrief and discuss key themes learned.
  7. Planning the next steps. Implementing performance feedback improvements doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. How to implement smaller changes incrementally to get big impacts over time.
  8. Make a commitment to implement 1 or 2 things from the course. We can also provide a 1-2 week followup with each attendee to see if they need any assistance in implementing their commitments.

About Performentor: 

Performentor is a full-stack fractional HR firm that uses people science to provide entrepreneur-friendly HR support. We take a culture-customized and continuous innovation approach to helping businesses minimize the speed bumps in their organizations that come from fast growth. 

This workshop is intended for CEOs, COOs and/or CFOs of a tech or biotech company with at least 10 employees. If this statement describes you, please enter your email address to begin the registration process.