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Navigating Voting in New York
This training is designed to provide all the resources and information necessary to make the voting experience as easy as possible. Our goal is to help you and your community identify pathways of power. Participants who complete this course will be given a $50 stipend. 

All Trainers have individualized training links, if you are unsure of their link please fill out this general application. At the bottom of page 1 you will be directed to choose a Trainer who recommended you for this program. 

If you are interested in teaching the CCF curriculum, please contact

In order to be eligible :

  1. You must be formerly incarcerated or have a criminal conviction
  2. You must NOT be currently registered to vote
  3. Based in NYC
Conviction status an
d all information provided in this application will be kept strictly confidential.

Please note voting eligibility:
If convicted of a misdemeanor you can vote.
If convicted of a felony you can still vote in the following circumstances:
  • If on probation you can vote.
  • If on parole you can vote if:
    • You received a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities for the conviction or a Certificate of Good Conduct.
    • You were given conditional pardon under Executive Order 181* [CHECK HERE]
*Executive Order 181 was passed by Governor Cuomo in April 18, 2018 granting a conditional pardon to vote for people on parole who meet the eligibility criteria.
If you have any difficulties determining if you are eligible please email

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Justice Votes Training Participation Guidelines

We are excited to be partnering with you on this voter engagement and education project, Justice Votes.  We want this to be a positive experience for you and for the other participants.  To help ensure that it is, we have established the following project guidelines.  To participate, you must review these guidelines and then sign as an acknowledgement that you have read the guidelines and that you agree to adhere to them over the course of the project.

It is important to understand that following these guidelines is a requirement for receipt of the stipend. Once you complete this course you may apply to become a trainer.


The Purpose of Participant Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to ensure that everyone has a clear and shared understanding of the project’s design, participation requirements, and ground rules for making this a useful and respectful experience for everyone.  Through Justice Votes, we hope to gain a better understanding of what motivates and supports justice-impacted persons to go to the polls to vote. College & Community Fellowship (“CCF”) will be working with Stanford University to evaluate this project, so delivering the training in the same way to all participants is very important for assessing whether a particular approach has benefits for empowering justice-impacted persons.



All information/documents provided belong to CCF; they are the proprietary and confidential property of CCF. This includes everything you will be receiving including the slides, unless otherwise marked. No part of this information/document may be distributed or shared in any manner to any individual, organization or third party without the prior written consent of the CCF Executive Director and/or Deputy Executive Director. You may not make audio or video recordings of this training.


Participants must attend all three sessions to receive the stipend; those who complete less than all three sessions will not be eligible for the stipend. You must arrive on time and be in the course for the full-allotted time.

Respectful Behavior  

We want you and all other participants to feel safe and respected during the training. WWe require all participants to communicate and behave in a respectful manner. CCF is an all-inclusive, gender-responsive, and trauma-informed agency. Justice Votes NY is made up of a diverse group of people. Treating everyone with respect regardless of differences in backgrounds, experiences, ethnicities, religious/spirituals beliefs, sexual orientations, and gender identities or expressions among participants is a requirement.


To ensure the safety of everyone, communication or behaviors that include or promote violence, threats of physical violence, or verbal or physical aggressiveness toward any individual involved including CCF staff, other participants or CCF volunteers and affiliates are not allowed under any circumstance.


Communication Related to Candidates or Party Affiliations

As a nonprofit organization, CCF and its programs that address voting must remain non-partisan in nature; this means that we do not discuss, promote, or denounce any particular candidate, political party, or ballot measure. During the training sessions, please do not share any opinion as to a particular candidate or party.


Survey after Completion 

After you have finished the training, you will receive a survey that will help us evaluate whether the training was beneficial. Survey completion is required. You will be asked about behaviors surrounding voting. It is suggested (not required) that you note any actions taken that may relate back to the course.


Joining Facebook Group

As will be explained, there will be a Facebook group that all participants must join. This group will not disclose criminal conviction status or anything of that nature. If you have concerns around this or need help joining, please reach out to CCF Staff.


Stipend Requirements

1.     Complete all three full training sessions.

2.     Complete survey after training.

3.     Join Facebook Group

Once you have completed all three of the requirements above, we will process your stipend and send it to you.


Communication with CCF staff 

If you have any questions at all on any of the above, you can reach staff via phone and email during normal business hours at: 


Stephanie Bazell-Director of Policy and Advocacy


Phone: 646-380-7777


Bridget Shanahan-Policy and Advocacy Analyst 


Phone: 646-380-7777 


Violation of any of the above (unless noted as not required) will result in dismissal and forfeiture of the stipend provide.


Acknowledgement that you have received, read, and will adhere to the Participant Guidelines above.