Navigating Voting in New York
Dates for upcoming cohorts are listed below. Before applying please consider if you are able to complete all three sessions.

At the bottom of this form, please note which cohort availability works best with your schedule. If these dates do not work for you, we will be opening up additional cohorts. Please check the "Need Additional Dates" button at the bottom of this form.    

Attendance of all three sessions is MANDATORY to be eligible for the stipend. 


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Cohort 1

Monday, September 14th 1-3pm

Monday, September 21st 1-3pm

Monday, September 28th 1-3pm

Cohort 2

Monday, September 14th 6-8pm

*Make up for this first Monday session will be held on Thursday, September 17th at the same times.

Monday, September 21st 6-8pm

Monday, September 28th 6-8pm

Cohorts 3 & 4 No Longer Available

Cohort 5

Wednesday, September 16th 1-3pm

Wednesday, September 23rd  1-3pm

Wednesday, September 30th  1-3pm

Cohort 6

Wednesday, September 16th 6-8pm

Wednesday, September 23rd  6-8pm

Wednesday, September 30th  6-8pm

This training is designed to provide all the resources and information necessary to make the voting experience as easy as possible. Our goal is to help you and your community take back power. Participants who complete this course will be given a $50 stipend. 

If you are interested in teaching the CCF curriculum, please contact sbazell@collegeandcommunity.org.

In order to be eligible :

  1. You must be formerly incarcerated or have a criminal conviction
  2. You must NOT be currently registered to vote
  3. Based in NYC
Conviction status an
d all information provided in this application will be kept strictly confidential.

Please note voting eligibility:
If convicted of a misdemeanor you can vote.
If convicted of a felony you can still vote in the following circumstances:
  • If on probation you can vote.
  • If on parole you can vote if:
    • You received a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities for the conviction or a Certificate of Good Conduct.
    • You were given conditional pardon under Executive Order 181* [CHECK HERE]
*Executive Order 181 was passed by Governor Cuomo in April 18, 2018 granting a conditional pardon to vote for people on parole who meet the eligibility criteria.
If you have any difficulties determining if you are eligible please email sbazell@collegeandcommunity.org