ICA Membership Application

ICA has two (2) fee categories of Full Membership and five (5) fee categories of Associate membership.  

Note fees are currently waived for all exhibitor applicants for 2020 due to COVID.

To qualify for full membership the applicant must own or operate cinemas in Australia.

All applications must be approved by the ICA Board. Payment will only be processed on membership approval.

ICA Full Membership

Access to all members services, benefits, ICA conference discounts and voting rights:
  1. General Full Membership – member must own or operate cinemas in Australia
  2. Community/Not For Profit Full Membership – member must own or operate cinemas in Australia on a not for profit basis and/or be an organisation offering screenings of films on a not-for-profit basis.

ICA Associate Member

Benefits individuals and organisations wishing to show support for ICA and create an association with its members. Associate members have access to ICA newsletters and certain benefits including ICA conference discounts outlined below.


NB: Associate membership does not allow voting rights or attendance at ICA AGMs or EGMs or meetings designated as being for Full Members only.

  1. Associate Member - Non-Commercial

  2. Associate Member – Sole Trader

  3. Associate Member – Commercial

  4. Associate Member – ICA Partner

  5. Associate Member – ICA Preferred Supplier

ICA Membership Fees 

Full membership

General Members 

$742.20 (incl GST) Base Fee

$270.96 (incl GST) Per Screen Fee (up to max 50 screens)

Community/NFP Members 

$371.1 (incl GST) Base Fee

$270.96 (incl GST) Per Screen Fee

Associate Membership

Non-Commercial  $150 + GST

Sole Trader    $669.50 + GST

Commercial $1030 + GST

ICA Partner   $2575 + GST

ICA Preferred Supplier Price on Application

For payment methods please contact Pauline Negline at admin@independentcinemas.com.au.

Company Information

Contact Person

Contact Details

Cinema details

1. Membership Fee Payment:
Membership fees are invoiced on June 30 each year and are charged pro-rata from the date of joining to June 30.  By joining ICA you agree that you are liable for the fees associated with your membership as notified in this application and as may be varied from time to time by board resolution and consequent written advice of fee changes to members. 

2. ICA Box Office sharing group:
Unless otherwise agreed, all ICA members participate in the ICA Box Office information sharing group on Rentrak and Numero. This enables us to understand the market significance of ICA members as a group. This is especially important when negotiating special promotions with distributors and suppliers, and when lobbying government on behalf of the independent sector. You may request that your specific information is not shared with one or more other members in special circumstances. For more information please contact ICA CEO.

3. Warranty and Reliance:
By joining ICA you agree that you and your agents acknowledge that ICA makes no warranties or representations as to the suitability or application of any information or advice issued by ICA to you. You acknowledge that any decisions made, or actions taken by you or your company as result of advice or information supplied by ICA are taken wholly on your recognisance and your own investigations as to the suitability and accuracy of the advice or information.

4. Binding Confidentiality
By joining ICA you agree to keep all information provided by ICA to you and designated confidential –information” as confidential in perpetuity and not to discuss or disseminate any confidential information except with other ICA “full” members or within your own organisation. In discussing or disseminating ICA confidential information within your organisation you undertake to ensure that ICA confidential information is kept as confidential in perpetuity by your employees, principals or agents.

ICA undertakes to keep all information contained in your membership application and subsequent correspondence confidential except for:

  • The fact that you/your company are a member of ICA.

  • Non-identifying use of the information contained in the questionnaire and other surveys (this information may be used in aggregate and non-identifying form to further the interests of independent exhibition).

  • Such disclosures as may be agreed to by you or your authorised company representative in writing from time to time.


5. ICA Business and Industry Information

ICA develops business, marketing and industry resources and information, including pricing information, for the exclusive benefit of our members whose fees contribute to the preparation of this information including our newsletter and members only website. You agree not to pass on ICA information or access code to any non-member exhibitor or supplier. If you are unsure about whether any particular information falls into this category and should not be circulated please contact the Administration Manager at admin@independentcinemas.com.au.

I/we accept the above terms and conditions of ICA membership on behalf of

Please note all applications for membership must be approved by the ICA Board.