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Welcome High School students! We are excited to hear of your interest in College Forward (now part of College Possible)! Please click "Next Page" to begin our program application.

Have any questions about our program? Reach out to the Coach at your high school or contact us at

Note: To complete this application, students will need to provide an e-signature and verify that through email. A parent or guardian of the student will also need to provide and verify an e-signature.

Student Information

Personal Information

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Why do we ask for both Name and Legal Name? We refer to you by your Name, but your Coach may be helping you with official transcripts and other documents that have your Legal Name listed.

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Contact Information

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Additional Information

High School Information

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Don't see your high school or class listed? We are currently only accepting applications for Class of 2023 (senior) and Class of 2024 (junior) students at our partner high schools in the Austin area. If you attend a different school but are still interested, please reach out to us at

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Additional Questions

Parent / Legal Guardian Information

Parent / Guardian 1

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Parent / Guardian 2

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Parent/Guardian Agreement
By completing this application, I (the parent or legal guardian of the student) hereby agree to meet the following program requirements if my student is accepted to College Forward. 

I will help ensure that my student: 
• Has safe and reliable transportation to participate in College Forward after-school meetings. 
• Makes up any classes they miss. 
• Attends at least one College Forward SAT or ACT practice test. 
• Registers for and takes the SAT or ACT exam during their junior year. 
• Applies to six colleges and/or universities. 
• Makes every effort to complete their program milestones on time. 
• Works collaboratively with their College Access Coach to submit the best possible college, scholarship, and financial aid applications. 

In return, I commit to/authorize the following: 
• I will make every effort to attend one College Forward parent night each year during my student’s junior and senior years to gain a better understanding of the college admission and financial aid processes. 
• I authorize College Forward and its staff to arrange for/provide transportation to my child in case of emergency. 
• I will stay informed about the status of my student’s participation in College Forward and their college application process.
Padre o guardian legal 1

Padre o guardian legal 2

Acuerdo de Padre/Tutor Legal
Yo voy ayudar que mi estudiante: 

• Tenga transportación segura y fiable para participar en clases de College Forward despues de la escuela dos veces a la semana. 
• Compense cualquier clase que falte. 
• Asista por lo menos un examen de práctica (ACT o SAT) con College Forward. 
• Se registre para y tome el examen ACT durante su penúltimo año, con College Forward. 
• Participe por lo menos dos eventos de servicio comunitario por año, con College Forward. 
• Aplique a seis universidades de cuatro años. 
• Haga cada esfuerzo cumplir sus “metas” del programa a tiempo. 
• Trabaje colaborativamente con su Entrenador Académico para entregar las mejores aplicaciones posibles para universidades, becas e Ayuda Financiera. 

A cambio, me comprometo a/autorizo lo siguiente: 
• Voy a hacer todo lo posible para asistir una noche de padres con College Forward cada semestre durante el penúltimo (junior) y último (senior) año de mi estudiante. Esto me dará una mejor comprensión de la admisión a la universidad y el proceso de ayuda financiera. 
• Yo autorizo a College Forward y su personal para organizar/ proporcionar el transporte a mi hijo en caso de emergencia. 
• Voy a estar informado sobre el estado de la participación de mi estudiante en College Forward y su / su proceso de solicitudes para la Universidad.
Student Agreement

Student Agreement

By completing this application, I hereby agree to meet the following program requirements if I (the student) am accepted to College Forward. I will:
  • Be responsive and communicate with my College Forward Coach.
  • Participate in College Forward meetings after school. 
  • Coordinate with my College Access Coach to make-up any meetings I miss.
  • Register for and take the ACT or SAT exam.
  • Apply to postsecondary programs (Certificate Programs, 2-year college, 4-year-college).
  • Make every effort to complete my program milestones on time.
  • Work collaboratively with my College Access Coach to submit the best possible college, scholarship, and financial aid applications.
  • Understand that College Forward is here to support me throughout college as well.

STUDENT Consent for Academic Release Information

In order to complete the Academic Release Consent, please fill in your (the student's) Cell Phone Number below. 

After clicking Submit, you will be directed to a page to review your information and then sign. After providing an email signature, you will receive an email to the email address you have provided. Please follow the instructions and click the link in the email to verify your e-signature.